Weightlifting Singlet


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Weightlifting Singlet

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It’s the traditional attire of Olympic weightlifting competitions, but not all singlets are made the same. With its breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, abrasion-resistant quad construction, and flexible, contoured design, Nike’s Weightlifting Singlet raises the bar on comfort and performance.

Available from sizes XS to XXXL, this Scarlet and Black version of the singlet also includes a unique, textured neck strap for a better stick on the clean and jerk.


45-50 KG (99-110 LB) XS
56-62 KG (123-136 LB) S
69-77 KG (152-170 LB) M
85-94 KG (187-207 LB) L
100-115 KG (220-253 LB) XL



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