The Wholester - Chamber


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The Wholester - Chamber

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The Wholester is called this because of one reason, it holsters your “junk” and keeps everything in place.

Stance socks have found a place in the skate world as being the highest quality and most functional socks you can buy. Now they have completely killed the sock game, they want to have the whole underwear game covered.

We all know that annoyance of pushing super-fast then having to stop every 3 minutes because your boxers have ridden up and you have to pop your little fella back in, well, with these Wholester boxers, you can tuck it all away snug and stop worrying about that ever again. These boxers also feature a feather seam construction making it more comfortable throughout the stitched seams, Butter Blend milk fabric which is smoother and less abrasive to the skin and an exposed core flex waistband.

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