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Metcon collector and owner/curator of @nikemetconclub- Instagram's touchpoint for #metcondaily - shares the evolution of the Metcon and his impressions of the newly launched Metcon 4 XD



The genesis of Nike's TRAINING shoe

31st January 2015 - Epic London, the long awaited debut of the Nike Metcon, Nike’s 1st true functional fitness shoe, and the one shoe to rival the Reebok Nano as the shoe of choice in boxes around the world.



Metcon Innovation

This shoe introduced us to an abrasive resistant upper, a flat, 004 sticky rubber compound sole to aid with rope climbs and implemented the renowned Nike fly wire lacing system to help keep your foot locked in and secure.

Revolutionary at the time, the Metcon is now in it’s 4th generation with many people expecting the Metcon 5 to be released but instead Nike decide to revise 4 and give us the Metcon 4 XD.


XD first glimpses

1st seen on the instagram stories of the Nike athletes who competed at the Dubai fitness championship like Travis Mayer, Lauren Fisher and Willy Georges, it gave the public their 1st glance at the improvements made over the 4.

The most common question I get is what does XD stand for? Extra Durable and that's where the major revision has come, Nike have added a 3D print similar to the upper that was first seen in the highly sought after Mat Fraser signature model released late last year.


Comparisons and takeaways

Although not an exact copy of the barbell knurling inspired upper seen in the MF it does bring the same sensation of ‘hugging’ the foot whilst also giving added flexibility and breathability. 

Stability seems to have improved over the 4, the previous updates like the extra eyelet, padded tongue and improved TPU heel counter are all complimented by the revised upper which really showed during workouts involving box jumps and burpees

So the big question is are they a real improvement of the Metcon 4? Early indications are yes, Nike have kept everything good about the 4, which in my opinion was a massive improvement over of the 3 and added a feature that enhances the shoe. The potential for the 3D print is not only in it performance but also aesthetics, the print will allow for even more unique colour ways some of which that have leaked already.

Time will only tell what Nike have in store for the Metcon 5 but until then they certainly have one of the best shoes available to the athlete in the 4 XD.

- Alan McDermott / @nikemetconclub

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