WIT x Puma Fuse [2]



 Designed by the shoe obsessed for the training obsessed, the PUMA Fuse 2.0 X WIT has been crafted for the competitor.

Built upon the core principles of fit, stability and support this premium pair is engineered to help you level up your training. With its first appearance on the feet of the elite at the CrossFit Games 2022, this shoe is made for peak performance.

Let the obsession begin.


Improvements have been made in three specific areas;

  1. Firstly, the no-sew construction of the upper makes it more durable than its predecessor.
  2. Next, the PumaGrip has a new pattern on the sole with grooves that allow the Fuse flex inner to give you a better foot splay for support.
  3. And the heel clip has been redesigned to provide more stability and heel support.

WIT and Puma worked closely together on details bespoke to this special collab like the Training Obsessed mantra on the heel. 

The clean white silhouette paired with the grey and gold touches reflects the ethos behind the design with functionality at its core paired with elements of PUMA Performance.


The limited edition Fuse [2] is available now but..

Only the OBSESSED will get it.