Everything You Need to Know About the NOBULL Trainer+


Meet the NOBULL Trainer+, the newest addition to NOBULL's functional trainer collection. The Trainer+ launches at WIT in extremely limited quantities at 5am GMT this Friday. Ahead of the launch we break down everything you need to know about the all new silhouette and how to purchase. 


The plus in the NOBULL Trainer+ speaks to more... more comfort, more cushioning and more stability. The design builds upon the foundations of NOBULL's iconic SuperFabric® Trainer, layering in enhanced technical features to create a more cushioned, higher profile training shoe, which retains the minimalist and practical silhouette which has defined NOBULL's approach to design since their beginnings. 


With this release NOBULL continue to create training footwear that has everything you need for your training, and nothing you don't. Nothing Unnecessary, No Gimmicks, NOBULL.

The NOBULL Trainer+ joins the NOBULL SuperFabric® Trainer to widen the Trainer Collection available to the functional performance athlete. Gym goers will now be able to choose between the lower profile SuperFabric® trainer, which provides a close-to-ground feel and shallow heel to toe drop, or the new Trainer+, which offers a higher profile fit with increased traction and lateral support.


Much like the SuperFabric® Trainer, the Trainer+ is comprised of a singular one-piece upper, which delivers a familiar seamless design. However on the Trainer+ this upper overlaps the shoelace eyelets, concealing all but the top eyelet completely. This aesthetic design difference is rooted in performance, with the covered lace webbings running around the side of the shoe and locking into the outsole, creating a cage like structure around the midfoot when tied. The result for the athlete is massive improvements in lateral and medial stability and a confident, locked-in fit when worn. 

The upper is also constructed of a newly developed perforated mesh, new to the NOBULL footwear range. This deliverers a more breathable, lightweight shoe that is more suited to high-intensity, varied workouts where the athlete needs to keep cool throughout. 

One of the biggest design differences between the Trainer+ and the SuperFabric® Trainer is in dramatically increased outsole cushioning. Whilst the drop of the Trainer+ remains relatively neutral, the single density cushioning that runs throughout the midsole results in a dramatically more cushioned feel for the athlete, providing greater comfort in uncomfortable workouts. 

The outsole of the Trainer+ also features a new herringbone design which delivers reliable and highly effective grip and traction. On the medial (inner) side of the shoe this herringbone pattern wraps around to form an internal rope guard with increased grip thanks to the classical herringbone pattern which helps the athlete to bite and lock into a rope during climbs. The lateral (outer) side of the shoe also wraps into a rope guard, which is executed with a smooth, external finish.


NOBULL's design team worked closely with Team NOBULL athletes to wear test and develop the Trainer+. The early designs of the Trainer+ were in fact developed with the intended use of a 'Court Shoe', for multi-discipline racquet sports. The increased cushioning intended for long, high-impact matches, and the locked in eyelet cage intended to provide unparalleled lateral stability on the baseline. However NOBULL's roster of CrossFit® athletes started to wear test the shoe within their training and discovered these design details to be perfectly suited to their intense training, and indeed broader functional training at large. The development of the shoe was then finetuned with the intention of developing and delivering an unparalleled performance trainer, the result of which is the Trainer+ we see today.


The Trainer+ fits very similarly to the SuperFabric® Trainer, so if you are already a NOBULL owner you can expect to order the same size in the new Trainer+. For those that have not worn a NOBULL Trainer before, these fit very true to traditional sizing (i.e. do not run excessively tight/narrow/wide).

The NOBULL Trainer+ launches at WIT-FITNESS.COM in 3 colour-ways at 5AM GMT this Friday 18th of March. The shoe is dropping in extremely limited quantities. Those that have signed up to the launch will gain access via email at 5AM to secure their size. We recommend signing up to avoid disappointment as future releases of the Trainer+ are not yet known. You can click here to sign up now.

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