Say hello to premium activewear that cuts through all the BS and promises to deliver. 


LNDR, a brand designed for the individual with sh*t to do, has landed at WIT. 

The premium activewear brand was formed in 2015 by 3 women with the intention to create "the lifestyle we want to live, the products we want to wear, and the people we want to hang out with." 

The London based brand has since prided itself on the core principles of minimalism, sustainability and a no bullsh*t approach which leaves their customers with a product they can rely on, without the overpromise of life altering capabilities. LNDR is a brand for the person who requires a premium, but simple clean city look, so they can focus on doing Whatever It Takes in their daily lives. It’s less about the motivational messaging and more about the leggings speaking for themselves. 

LNDR: For the Londoner

Defined not by geographical location, the Londoner is a person who hustles and chases what they want. They are a grinder, an up all nighter, an over worker, and someone who needs the simple stuff sorted so they can focus on the important sh*t.

This is a brand built for real lives, for the individual who has sh*t to do and doesn’t have time to waste on coordinating outfits. 


LNDR are the leisure pros cultivating a less is best mentality amongst the excessive consumerism in the activewear industry. As such, they have cultivated a limited but tried and tested collection. They sit outside of the Insta grown perfectionism and instead pride themselves on being authentic and brutally honest.

Their approach is simple, you don’t need more, you just need that one product that provides premium performance and will last. Their prerogative is not to overload choice but to make choice simple and obvious. Less isn’t more it’s less, and it’s designed to combat time wasting providing one thing you love over 10 you don’t. 

Now in this approach LNDR are by no means stating that their leggings will last a lifetime, but they do stand by their durability and performance enhancing quality in relation to their competitors. They are not about excessive consumerism but instead content customers who do not seek more.


Authenticated and selected by us at WIT

Is it gym, is it work, is it play? 

Whatever it is LNDR has you covered.



Built around the less is more ethos, LNDR product development is centered on combating the general trend of fast fashion and excessive consumerism. They create products with muted colours for longevity and are not about patterns or temporary trends, instead developing products based on tried and tested materials and colours. They are about providing the goods and then getting out of the way so you don’t have to question, you already know. This is athleisure fit for purpose, designed by leisure pros, built for real lives with a natural luxe performance.


LNDR states itself to be less about coffee leggings and lazy Sunday's and more about premium activewear that performs at a high standard, and is made in an environmentally conscious way.

This minimalistic approach extends into their production priorities with a focus on using sustainable methods and environmentally friendly materials. They place huge onus on their carbon emissions from production and transportation and are working on removing the plastic from their packaging. In doing so they place environmental impact at the forefront of their growth, resulting in the tagline far from cheap but maybe the best
Choose one thing you love, over having 10 that you don’t.


Choose simplicity, choose the environment, choose no bullsh*t 
And then let LNDR do the choosing for you.
Designed for the no bullsh*t Londoner. Not cheap but worth it.

Get your LNDR essentials here at WIT, authenticated and selected by us.