The Best CrossFit Shoes for Women 2021

CrossFit is a very functional sport, training body weight movements, to plyometrics, weightlifting, running and cardio vascular training. Hitting all metabolic systems of the body.
A shoe that is going to be able to see you through all these facets of training whilst giving you the stability, control, shock absorption and comfort YOU need is an absolute must!!

Nike Metcon 6 trio

What Should you look for in a CrossFit Shoe?

When searching for the best CrossFit trainers womens, there are some very important factors to take into consideration.
Stability, Flexibility, Durability, Weight of the shoe, Heel drop (the height you heel is off the floor compared to your toes), and of course the fit of the shoe (narrow or wide).


Is there a difference between Men and Women’s Trainers?

Yes! Usually women's trainers are a slightly narrower fit and sometimes sizings vary between a women's specific shoes and a unisex shoe.

Below are the 2021 top Womens CrossFit Trainers UK

Nike Metcon 6

This shoe is one of the leaders in womens crossfit trainers. It has many features that support your CrossFit training. Designed in conjunction with 5 times fittest man on earth Matthew Fraser. The Metcon 6 has a dual density split innersole. Meaning the rear of the innersole is super stable whilst the front of the inner sole is slightly cushioned. Meaning during weightlifting and squats you’ll be supported and stable but moving across to plyometrics and double unders the ball of your foot will enjoy some comfort and shock absorption. 
The upper of the shoe is knitted and reinforced around the toe, meaning the shoe is strong but will allow air to flow through the shoe, keeping you cooler throughout your training session. This upper knit design gives 18% more airflow than the previous Nike Metcon 5.
The heel drop for this shoe is 4mm and some with an insert called a Hyper Lift. The Hyper lift is a 6mm insert that is inserted into the shoes under the innersole giving the athlete a higher heel drop (10mm) this is turn acts like a mini lifter allowing the athlete to perform squats, wall balls and thrusters with a bit more ease from the heel being in a higher position. 
The Nike Metcon 6 comes in many colours and you can shop the collection here.

 Nike Metcon 6 Premium Pink Gold

Reebok Nano X1

The Reebok Nano X1 is the latest shoes from the Reebok CrossFit Trainers Womens range. It is an extremely versatile fitness shoe fusing comfort of their running shoe, the Floatride and the stability of their nano designs to date. The Reebok Nano X1 comes with a choice of 2 different uppers, a flex weave knit, for breathability or a flex weave grit upper for breathability and more durability (ideal for outdoor training)
The Reebok Nano X1 is a wider shoe on the market which allows foot splay inside the shoe for unilateral stability and stability in squats.
The Heel drop of the X1 is 7mm, a lot higher than previous models.

 Reebok Nano X1 White Gum

NOBULL Trainer

The New Official CrossFit Games Shoes, The NOBULL trainer was first released in 2016. This No nonsense, no frills stable training shoes is exactly that! No Bull! The shoes come in a few different fabrics, but the most popular being the Superfabric Trainer. This shoe is incredibly lightweight, medium width and has a breathable tongue. There is close to no compression when squatting heavy weight making it a super stable shoe, and when performing toes to bar feels like you're wearing no shoes at all.
The toe curve at the front of the shoe makes full extension a breeze when transitioning from mid foot to the toes. The grip of the sole is great, making it basically non-slip on most surfaces including wooden plyometric boxes.
The sizing on this shoe can be different depending on the colour lines being unisex or women's so always check the centimetres on the sizing charts compared to your current Metcon training shoe.
The Superfabric is super easy to clean also.

NoBull Super Fabric Trainer Charcoal Teal

Nike React Metcon Turbo :

Less is definitely more with this shoe. A new and improved design on the 2019 Nike react, nike CrossFit trainers womens shoe. Basically this shoe is a great choice if cushioning is something you prefer and need more over a super stable shoe. Nike have removed any non essential feature on this shoe making it one of the lightest shoes in the Nike training shoe collection. Still boasting the same great features of the Metcon 6, like the handstand blade, the rope grill and the breathability and durability, this shoe is inserted with Nike’s React foam insert, giving this shoe more leeway towards running and shock absorption. The shoe is slightly wider than the Metcon 6, allowing for foot splay inside the shoe.
The heel drop on this model is 6mm.

Nike Metcon React Turbo Navy Purple

Under Armour Tri Base Reign 3

The Under Armour Tri Base Reign 3 flattest, most stable shoe on the market. Coming in with a 2mm heel drop, this training shoe is perfect for those who love a flat stable and responsive training shoe. 
The sole of this shoe is strong and grippy yet flexible. Making moving through the foot with heavy weights more responsive and fluid. The stretch sock upper, along with the strong heel counter and extra cushioned inner heel keep the foot in place with minimal movement inside the shoe, making it the leader in support and stability during lateral movement. The improvements to this shoe from the tribase 1 and 2, is the width of the shoe now being slightly wider, giving ultimate comfort to those who prefer a little bit of room to splay their toes during squats and weight training. 
The Tri base gives ultimate stability to the shoe ensuring you are supporter from the base up.
Athletes such as CrossFit games athlete James Newbury has been active in the design and functionality of this shoe. Once again, a shoe built by CrossFitters for CrossFit, making it one of the best womens CrossFit trainers. 

 Under Armour Tribase 3 Black Orange

Inov8 G300

The Inov8 G300 is one of the lightest shoes on the market. What makes this shoe stand out from the crowd is the use of Graphite throughout the inner and outer of the shoe making this the most long wearing durable shoe on the market. Graphite is 200x stronger than steel and is light at a feather. The weave is breathable on the upper of the shoe and boasts a lacing cage that not only adds stability of the foot in the shoe, but allows the athlete to lace this shoe however they wish. Athletes such as CrossFit games athlete Jaime Simmonds can be seen competing in this shoe.

Inov8 G300 White Black

What are the benefits of wearing CrossFit Shoes?

The benefits of wearing a CrossFit specific shoe is very simple. Decreased risk of injury! When you run, you wear running shoes right!?! So why would you wear a shoe designed for running to lift over your body weight above your head??!! You shouldn't! 

Investing in a well fitting, properly designed and made CrossFit/Functional shoe is simply investing in your body’s health and well being. So much research and technology have been put into these shoes, to ensure you get the most out of your training sessions. 


When should I wear CrossFit Shoes?

Wear these shoes for CrossFit Class, HiiT, Functional Training, Unilateral training, Weight Training. You can do short runs in them, but for Performance Run specific shoes click here.


Where do I buy CrossFit shoes?

To shop the definitive training collection and all your CrossFit and Weightlifting Shoes and Kit head to

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