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WODSOX Weight Vest

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What Are Weighted Vests?

A Weighted vest is a specially designed vest that holds weighted plates evenly around the body and is worn during workouts to increase the athletes total body mass. This makes the power output change as the athlete is working with additional load rather than their own body weight. It is common to find a 10kg weighted vest or 20kg weighted vest when looking to purchase your own.

Weighted Vest Benefits and why should you wear one?

Training in a weighted vest adds mass to your total bodyweight, which can develop your strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. Adding a weighted vest to your workouts can also add variety and give you a different stimulus during workouts.

The vest also increases the breathing capacity of your chest. As there is added load physically on your chest, the respiratory muscles also must work harder to shift the vest outward when intaking a breath, resulting in a physically stronger anterior and posterior chest.

To get the full benefits of weighted vest training, you need to ensure the vest fits you properly and fits nice and snug against your body. This being so there is no lagged movement from the vest making working with it much more difficult, especially if you are running with a weighted vest.

What can I use a Weighted Vest for?

You can use a vest for basically any workout. You're essentially just adding mass to your body, especially with a weighted vest 20kg option, so any bodyweight workout will become more challenging with a weighted vest.

Even sitting on a bike, although you aren't physically on your feet, you will find it challenging from a respiratory perspective, physically having to breath with the vest on will be challenging. Running with Weighted Vest is also an option for an added challenge to your running workouts. 

Why do athletes wear weighted vests?

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Athletes wear weighted vests for a few reasons. One would be if the workout requires the Weighted Vest as a piece of equipment to make the WOD RX. For example the Hero WOD Murph is performed with a weighted vest.

The second reason is to shift their body mass to a higher amount which changes their power output. Challenging the athlete at the same time training strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular capacity.  

What to look for when buying a weighted vest CrossFit suitable!

It is important your weighted vest fits you properly. Buying an adjustable weighted vest is important. There is nothing worse than a vest that is way too big, does not secure properly, or is uncomfortable. Especially when tackling the unknown demands of a CrossFit workout.

The vest shifting around whilst trying to complete a workout is not only going to make the work more difficult, it is also dangerous and you run the risk of the vest injuring your jaw or throat. Especially during kipping gymnastic work.

You do get what you pay for with weighted vests. Considerations like comfortable shoulder straps, adjustability when securing the vest to your body and the strength of the velcro varies in different vests at different price points.

Also the pockets that hold the weight plates. Some vests are built only to hold the factory made plates, whereas others can take on additional weight like small change plates from your barbell. Allowing you to have more mass variety in your workouts. Some companies such as BullDog Gear sell spare plates that are specially designed to fit inside your vest. Each vest is non translatable. So finding a vest that has pockets large enough to fit standard plates is also a good idea. Vests like the WIT WODSOX Tactical Vest and the BullDog Tactical vest are a good way to go.

What are the best weighted vests for CrossFit?

There are a few weighted vests on the market but ensuring you get a good quality one that fits well, is comfortable and will withstand the world of CrossFit is what this article is all about.

Here are our top picks for weighted exercise vests:


Source: WIT Fitness

The WIT WODSOX Weighted Vest is a great all rounded vest that ticks many boxes. The Vest comes in different sizes, including a petite size line. It comes in either a 7kg or 10kg weight. (The total weight includes the vest). Made from 600D strong polyester. Adjustable elasticated velcro straps that ensure the closest possible fit to the body, also making it the best weighted vest for running as it will fit snug to the body and has padded shoulder straps for impact comfort. Weight plates are removable.

Source: Wit Fitness

The MIR Weighted Vest

offers 3 different styles of vest. A short style vest that sits just below the sternum, An Air Flow style that promotes airflow through the vest and a womens weighted vest UK range that offer a petite size and a shorter body length. They offer a vast range of weight limits going up to 60lbs. They are double padded vests for additional comfort.

    MIR Weighted Vest

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    Bulldog Gear’s ‘Tactical Weight Vest

    Bulldog Gear weighted vest is closer to the WOD SOX style of vest. It is made of a 500D water resistant Nylon and comes in 10,14 and 20LBS options. They also have the option of purchasing additional weights for weighted vest. This is a brilliant option for ensuring your progressive overload with your training.

    Bulldog  Gear Tactical Weighted Vest Black

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    Where do I buy a Weighted Vest?

    Online is the best place to purchase a Weighted Vest. We stock the WODSOX vest in both 10kg and 7kg options. 

    Some retailers stock these weighted gym vest in store so you can have a look and try them on. They are a hot item and perfect for home workouts so if you are going to make a special trip perhaps check with the store prior to make sure they have some in stock.  

    Head to for all your Weighted Vests and the Definitive Training Collection. 

    Here are some great CrossFit Weighted Vest Workouts and weighted vest exercises

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