What are ⅞ Leggings?

 WIT High rise 7/8 legging midnight blue

Sportswear has a lot to live up to. It’s got to be comfortable, practical, aid performance, and ideally, be stylish too. Leggings are a big staple of a gym wardrobe and everyone has their own preference for the type they go for. That’s why there are so many options out there to choose from.
If you haven’t heard of them, 7/8 leggings are a popular pick. Their name reflects their length because they come up slightly shorter than full-length versions. In fact, they come up 1/8th shorter, giving you a clue as to where they get their name.
It’s a cut that stops just short of the ankle, meaning the majority of the leg is covered in material but the ankle is exposed.
There are several reasons why 7/8 gym leggings have grown in popularity over the years. They range from being more flattering by elongating the legs, to improving running by allowing more ankle flexion. Understanding whether this option is the right one for you comes from comparing them with the other types of leggings available.



How do 7/8 leggings compare to other types of leggings?



7/8 leggings vs Capri leggings


Before we start comparing, let’s start with answering: what are capris? Capri leggings cut off at a much higher point. They usually cut off just above the ankle and will sometimes be called cropped leggings depending on where you buy them.
For some people, Capri leggings are the way to go. They offer a bit more freedom for the lower leg and are more comfortable in warmer weather. For others, the cut-off point is a little awkward and they don’t flatter the legs very well. In this case, 7/8 length leggings are the perfect alternative. They still offer that degree of flexibility around the ankle but in a much more flattering and fashionable look.



7/8 leggings vs full-length leggings


If you’re slightly smaller or more petite than the average person, you might have experienced issues with full-length leggings in the past. Perhaps the material bunches up around your ankle, irritates you by the sock, or even, and we hope this has never happened to you, gets caught in the spin bike.
Going for the 7/8 option is more popular with those that are slightly smaller than average as it avoids these issues. They are also often said to be more flattering as they elongate the look of your legs.
However, if you need leggings for long legs, you might want to stick with the full-length option.


7/8 leggings vs high waisted leggings


High waisted leggings are also named by their length, but this time the difference in length is at the waist rather than the ankle.
High waisted leggings come up much higher than normal ones. They often rise above the belly button, helping to provide comfort and security for the stomach. In this way, they’re often incredibly flattering.
This style of legging usually comes in full leg length unless specified in the product description. That means, unlike 7/8 leggings, you can expect them to fall at the bottom of the ankle around your trainer.


Are all 7/8 leggings the same length?


In principle, 7/8 legging should be exactly 7/8ths the length of their full-length counterparts. However, the exact measurements will depend on the size and also the brand you’re buying from. Most major retailers now feature a 7/8 range including all the top brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Nobull, and, of course, your fitness-focused favourites here at WIT fitness.
The best way to figure out where the seam will stop on you is to compare using the onsite model. Figure out the size of legging the model is wearing, their height, and where the leggings come to. You can do this using the product descriptions and size guides found on most company’s websites. It won’t be perfect math, but it will give you an idea of where that style stops in comparison with other products you might have seen.
It’s also helpful to know about inseams. What’s inseam? It’s the length of the seam that runs down the inside of the leggings from the crotch to the bottom hem by the ankle. Once you’re well acquainted with what inseam you are, you can start comparing this to styles you see online.



The Top 5 ⅞ Leggings


WIT High Rise 7/8 Leggings

 WIT high ride 7/8 legging army

Combining both the 7/8 length with the high-rise style, these leggings maximise on being both fitness-focused and flattering.


They’re lightweight, figure-hugging, but are guaranteed to be squat proof meaning you can do all your gym exercises in confidence and comfort.

They have a handy back pocket to keep your phone secure and come in black, auburn, deep ocean, army and many more colours. If you’re between sizes, we recommend going for the smaller as they allow for 360-degree stretch.

They have bonded seems for comfort and durability, Body mapping stitching for comfort and are barbell proof, meaning they wont get cut up or scarred by the knurling on the barbells. The come with the WIT proof guarantee.


Nike One 7/8 Leggings

 Nike One 7/8 legging

These Nike One leggings come in a mid-rise style, meaning you can expect them to stop below the belly button. They’re described to hit right at the ankle joint to give you a better idea of leg length.
They’re designed for all-day wear and boast Dry-Fit technology to keep you dry and comfortable throughout.
As a style feature and for added breathability, these leggings have a section of mesh material covering the calf area at the back of the leg.
You can view the rest of our Nike legging range here.


 Nike Yoga 7/8 Leggings

 Nike Yoga 7/8 legging

The Nike Yoga leggings are made from Infinalon fabric, offering a smooth, soft, and slightly compressive fabric. They give you that feeling of easy movement and increased flexibility. They’re also high waisted, helping you feel secure in even the most inverted yoga poses.
These leggings come in a vintage green colour and feature a small amount of decorative lacing on the sides and at the hem for added style.


Adidas How We Do 7/8 Leggings

 Adidas How We Do 7/8 legging

These midrise, drawcord leggings are no-nonsense running tights that offer everything you need for each stride.
Their moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and the mesh panelling at the knees is there for added breathability.
They have a higher rise in the back waist and feature a phone pocket to keep your belongings safe.
The Adidas How We Do leggings come up slightly shorter than Nike alternatives, meaning they stop just above the ankle and expose a little more of the lower leg.
You can explore all of our Adidas leggings here.



On Running 7/8 Tights

 ON Running 7/8 Reflective tights

These tights are designed with the runner in mind, meaning they offer different features to support you on the roads.
They’re made from stretchable material, have reflective details that allow you to be seen easily at night, include a back phone pocket, and also a built-in key loop. Everything you need to feel comfortable and confident when out running.
The On Running leggings have an easy-on waistband to make getting in and out of them much quicker. The 7/8 style means they fall on - or just above - the ankles.


The Conclusion

Midway between cropped and full length, 7/8 workout leggings are a popular option for those looking to elongate the look of the legs, avoid excess material bunching up at the bottom, and give their ankles a little bit more space to move. As most brands now produce a 7/8 range, there’s plenty of styles to choose from. Explore our entire range of 7/8 leggings UK, including our full range of women’s leggings here.


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