Burpee Over Bar

In this WIT Coaching 101 tutorial, Coach Gus takes you through how to best do the Burpee Over Bar movement. Showing three variations, Coach Gus guides you through a regular bar facing burpee, a "surfing" bar facing burpee and a lateral bar facing burpee. Each can be used in a Crossfit WOD or competition. 

Coach Gus' top performance tips are:

  1. Stay close to the bar on take off and on landing
  2. When doing a regular bar facing burpee, the movement standard allows you to step up to the bar, which is slower but more efficient 
  3. When doing a surfing bar facing burpees, move up and over the bar in a circular motion
  4. Lateral burpees are the fastest to do. Never drop down to the bottom of the burpee if you aren't ready to bounce back up and jump over the bar