Reebok Nano X Review: Everything You Need to Know

The 10th generation of the Reebok Nano training shoe - the Reebok Nano X - launched globally in April of this year and instantly won the hearts (and feet) of fitness lovers around the world. The step-change aesthetic, coupled with the poignant nods to the Nano's legacy made it the must have shoe for home workouts around the world during lockdown. Two months after global launch, and as fitness lovers around the world start to make their way back to their gyms, fans have been calling out for more colour-ways of this already iconic shoe.

Nano-heads - REJOICE. Next Thursday the 25th of June an incredible 10 new Nano X colour-ways are dropping at WIT globally, including the much anticipated male and female take on the Black and Gum colour pallet (a colour combo which has been a must have collectors edition in every generation of the Nano to date).

Ahead of the eagerly awaited colour-way drop, we break down the tech specs and design cues of this must have shoe. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Nano X in our Reebok Nano X review.

The Reebok Vector logo, which is more traditionally associated with the Reebok Classic Footwear lines, runs throughout the X's design, symbolising the meeting of lifestyle with fitness.

Run, jump, lift and repeat. The Nano X is the most versatile, flexible and runnable shoe yet. Let’s get technical.


Ultimate Stability 

The shoe features a minimal 4mm drop outsole, which provides sure footed feel. And the added heel support amplifies that ‘locked in’ feeling.


Elevated Tech 

All new engineered Stretch Flexweave technology weaves fibres into a figure-8 to create a strong, breathable and flexible upper. It’s more lightweight, breathable and durable than ever before. 


Enhanced Comfort

High-density foam collar construction dials up overall performance comfort, while the decoupled midsole provides a smoother stride and added cushioning.



The forefoot Metasplit grooves on the outsole, combined with increased flexibility in the upper, allows for greater flexion in the desired flex zones creating a better ride overall.

The Nano has evolved with the sport of fitness itself over the last 10 years. Now the design evolution continues with the meeting of lifetsyle design cues and classic reebok heritage.

The Men's Black/Gum and Women's Moonrock colourways (featured) are launching at WIT globally alongside 8 other new colour-ways at 8AM BST / 8AM ET on Thursday 25/06. Head to the WIT Launches page now to browse the styles and sign up for first access to ensure you do not miss out on launch day.


Some frequently asked questions!

Are Reebok Nano X good for squats?

The Reebok Nano X is great for squats offering a flat and solid sole with minimal cushioning. This helps to feel grounded in the squat and enables you to drive harder through the heels.

Is the Nano X good for running?

The Reebok Nanos are good for short distance runs and perform exceptionally well when transitioning between running, barbell movements and plyometric exercises. 

Are Reebok Nano shoes good?

The Nano X is a formidable trainer built for the gym. It's flat base and high collar provide a deep fit. Combined with a flexible upper this shoe is designed to be durable and stable.

Is Reebok Nano X true to size?

The Reebok Nano X can run up a little big due to its wide sole and deep fit and so we would recommend sizing down a half from your normal size.