20 Minute Full Body Workout With Faisal PMA


Time: 20 Minutes

Coaches Tip

Hey guys! Welcome to another PMA 20 Minute Full Body HIIT Session! You know the deal, we're going to work for 40 seconds then rest for 20 with some new movements that you may not have done before. Get ready to get fit and sweaty alongside me!


2 Rounds of 10 Exercises

40 seconds on 20 seconds rest 

1. Skiers

2. Shoulder taps to sit backs

3. Side to side step squats

4. Table top opposite strikes

5. Hindu squats

6. Unilateral hip thrust

7. Pike sit kicks

8. Front/back lunges

9. Butterfly sit ups

10. Up downs



Meet Faisal


Named as one of London’s top personal trainers, Faisal has an infectious energy that will ensure you leave his sessions buzzing. His endless enthusiasm and positive mental attitude have earned him the title Mr PMA among clients, and PMA is the mantra he applies to everything in life.

Faisal knows a thing or two about transforming bodies, as the man behind popstars Ellie Goulding, Ella Eyre and Jorja Smith’s amazing physiques. Known as Mr PMA because of his infectious positive mental attitude, his years of experience as a master trainer for Nike and Barry’s Bootcamp mean he knows a thing or two about making you sweat. Just ask The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, who says, “Faisal will get you up on a Monday morning.” Named by press as one of the top 10 PTs in London  Faisal means business! He believes PMA is the key to unlocking the best version of yourself and that by learning to train your body as well as your mind, you’ll be well on the road to success. The question is, are you ready to sweat?!