This team has what it takes to push their game to the next level, and inspire us along their way.

Meet the athletes

This is a group who know what they want and what it takes to get there. In a sometimes noisy world, TEAM WIT serves as inspiration in our own training lives, offering an authentic point of view on what it takes to succeed at the highest levels, and sharing no shortage of laughs with us along the way. 

Dr. Hazel Wallace

aka @thefoodmedic

At WIT, we believe that training has the capacity to change people's lives, and we want to change as many lives as possible.
Dr. Hazel Wallace embodies this ethos perfectly, giving her community guidance around health, wellness and fitness through her @thefoodmedic platform - her expertise around all of these offering an authentic point of view in a sometimes noisy world. 
You can follow more of Hazel's journey at WIT in the upcoming weeks.
Stay tuned...

The Northampton Saints

Premiership Rugby Team

WIT is proud to be the Official Training Partner of Premiership Rugby Team, The Northampton Saints. 

Every sport on the planet has training at its core. Legendary moments in any sport are the summation of an athlete's countless hours spent outside of play, putting in the hard work hours after hour. We are proud to sponsor the hard work that goes on in the pre-season.

Stay tuned for more as we follow the Saints through their upcoming season...

Jamie Greene

2019 3rd Fittest on Earth

After a 3 month training sabbatical at our WIT London HUB this spring, 4x CrossFit Games Competitor, Jamie Greene, put the pieces together at this year's Games to deliver a stunning podium finish.

Elliot Simmonds

Fittest in the UK

2nd Place CrossFit Games Team medalist in 2017, Elliot returned to the Reebok CrossFit Games for a 2nd time as an Elite Individual Male in 2019. Showing tremendous improvement year on year, Elliot came into this year's competition as the UK National Champion, eventually placing 19th in the world in his category.