This is Wit editions This is Wit editions

This is
Wit editions

Our Signature Collection Built for the Global Community of the Training Obsessed.

Training has the capacity to change lives. we exist to change as many lives as possible


What we'reAll about What we'reAll about

What we're
All about

Established 2015LONDON, UK


Designed b y the training obsessed for the training obsessed


Your passion. our obsession

We’re proud to design WIT Editions apparel and accessories direct from our London Studio with a simple driving remit. 

We’re building a collection designed to keep up with the most extreme sessions of the training obsessed, ready to layer into their most active lifestyles. 

Community tried, tested and approved

Team WIT put our products through the gauntlet. If it doesn’t keep up with the demands of some of the fittest athletes on the planet, it doesn’t get through.  And when our community pushes their performances further than we thought possible, we innovate and push on.

Collaboration & Innovation

None too big, none too small. 

We partner with the world’s biggest training brands to collaborate on exclusive product across some of sportswear’s biggest franchises. We also seek out emerging artists, illustrators, and work with our own athlete roster to create unexpected product and experiences you can’t find anywhere else. 

Disruption is in our DNA.

We started in a London basement in 2014 with a simple dream of bringing the training obsessed the selection they were crying out for the and choice they deserved.


6 years later, that challenger mentality strikes across everything we do, and when it comes to WIT Editions, we’re our own harshest critics. 

We’re on a relentless pursuit of progress and WIT Editions is at the core of that pursuit. 

Our fabrics Our fabrics


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From butter-soft tops you can mix and match into your active lifestyle,  to barbell proof tights and shorts set to stand up to your most extreme training, we’re constantly innovating and working with our production partners to source fabrics that work as hard as you do. 

Our Partners Our Partners


On the Relentless Pursuit of Progress. Together. 

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We take pride in working with some of the best ethical suppliers & manufacturers in the business.


A shared goal

Creating high quality products that stand the test of time is important to us at WIT. We take pride in working with some of the best ethical suppliers and manufacturers in the business and keeping our supply chain transparent. Producing in Europe using mostly European-made fabrics ensures that our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum and allows for us to more easily monitor the development and production of our products

We’re CO-Creating with our friends

Each of our products is created in dialogue between our team in London and skilled partners around the world and tried and tested by team WIT. Our production partners - a network of farmers, weaving mills, yarn specialists, knitting factories and garment makers who we grow closer to with each new collaboration.