How To Improve Your Body’s Efficiency | The Power of Sleep and Recovery by BEAM


Sleep and recovery. We know they work in tandem; we know that we are likely to perform better when well rested and after a good night’s sleep, but most of us still struggle to commit to getting that magic 8 hours a night. We understand it’s easier said than done, so we have partnered with BEAM, experts in wellness and natural products to give you some solutions and remedies that will support your recovery.

Just like WIT, BEAM understand the power that fitness has to change lives. BEAM are on a mission to empower people to push their limits and pursue their passions, by improving their physical and mental state. The company was born out of a desire to help people feel their best. Founders Kevin and Matt knew first-hand how hard people try to reach fitness goals, so their obsession rooted itself in developing natural products that would benefit both body and mind, and support anyone from beginner to elite athlete on their journeys to betterment.

Read on for an exclusive guest article by BEAM to learn how you can understand your body better and maximise your efficiency in recovery, like never before.

The immune system is a complex part of our bodies, and the main line of defence when it comes to maintaining our health. And sleep is one of the best ways to keep your immune system up and running. It’s the reason we strive to create products that help you get the rest you need (more on that later). 

Having a healthy immune system can bolster our natural ability to stay well, but we need to focus on the whole system to be at our best. To function well, the immune system requires balance and harmony. Rest, diet, and exercise are great ways to boost your immune system’s response to sickness and give your body the best fighting chance possible.

Fun fact: Humans also have an endocannabinoid system which helps maintain our overall functioning and this system is made up of receptors that interact with THC and CBD.

The Science of Shut Eye

Getting a solid night’s sleep is one of the single best ways to allow our body to restore itself. Studies show that those who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to contract disease and recover slower than those that are well rested. 

Why is that? When we sleep, the body releases cytokines—key players in the regulation of our immune system. When we don’t rest, our body doesn’t release nearly as many of these modulators.

But the truth is, most of us have issues going to sleep, staying asleep or getting restful sleep. We’ve all read the tricks (looking at you, screen time) but they don’t always help. 

So, we decided to try something new, something that would really help. Enter Dream. Dream is our very own blend made with magnesium, L-theanine, melatonin, reishi mushroom, cinnamon and cacao. 

All of these ingredients complement one another, triggering relaxation to help you fall asleep and stay asleep*. There are even preliminary findings around reishi mushrooms, showing that they may help support a healthy immune system in addition to aiding sleep*. Paired up with our THC-free nano CBD powder, our customers (and team) swear by the sleep they get with a nightly cup of Dream. 

The Takeaway

Everything is connected. Our immune system is key to keeping us healthy. And sleep keeps the immune system strong so it can do its job. So tonight, let us help you get some extra zzz’s with a simple addition to your night-time routine?