What It Takes | A Day In The Life Of Jamie Simmonds

2019 3rd Fittest on Earth, Jamie is certainly not work shy. But what does a typical day in her life look like?

 We caught up with Jamie to find out exactly what.

7am: I usually wake up between 7-8 if I'm not working the morning shift or taking Booty Camp (otherwise I wake up at 4.45am)

8am: Every morning I have a cup of water & Nuzest greens then Elliot (my husband) normally makes a pot of coffee and we sit & drink this together deciding when we will head into the gym.

9am: First session (about 60-90 mins) Depending what it is I normally train fasted and have breakfast straight after OR if it’s a big longer and intense I have a snack (apple & Nuzest bar or one of Liam’s (PH Nutrition) shakes) before hand. Breakfast is 3 eggs & veggies + oats, berries & Nuzest Pea protein.

11am: I then shower and head to a coffee shop to catch up on work, this may be nutrition clients or just catching up on emails or corresponding with things going on back home in NZ.

12pm: If I have errands to run this is normally when I try to get it done. I love coffee so another black coffee.

1pm: Snack - Nuzest bar or a pancakes or muffin or something from Basiligo.

2pm: Head back to Yas (my gym) for session 2 roughly 2-3 hours depending on warm up time and mucking around. This is a bigger session normally lifting or strength and gymnastics work

4pm: Post workout shake- Nuzest protein, carbs and coconut water

5pm: Shower and late lunch. Usually rice and chicken or fish and veggies. I coach for 3 hours in the evening, this can be anywhere between 3-9pm

7pm: Drink lots of water while coaching and grab dinner - salmon, potatoes and veggies

8pm: Head home to chill with people at home, have a cup of tea (peppermint or liquorice is my favourite) and I always have some chocolate. Then sometimes a pre bed snack of yoghurt & granola or pancakes from Basiligo. Sometimes not, depending on my training volume and how full I am.

9pm: Head up to bed, sometimes we watch something on Netflix sometimes we read, sometimes we just hangout, have a magnesium drink before bed and then sleep before 10.