GOWOD | Why Everyone Should Be Using This App

Used by many elite CrossFitters across the globe, GOWOD is a leading mobile app that allows you to test and improve your mobility and flexibility, in a totally innovative way. Especially adapted for the practice of CrossFit® and a staple feature in the training regime of the fittest man on earth, Mat Fraser, it’s become world renowned. So why should YOU be using it?  Here, we take a deep dive into how it works and precisely why it’s worth the hype...


GOWOD is tailor made. It allows you to test your mobility and establish a general mobility score, zone by zone. This allows suggested mobilisation protocols and WOD warm ups and cool downs that are adapted and spot on for YOU.

Only what is measurable, can be improved!


Once signed up, the initial moblity test only takes 10 - 15 minutes to complete and all you need is a floor and a bank card or similar sized card, to take measurements in two of the tests. You can retest each month to track your progress.

The test measures flexibility AND mobility. Results are given as an overall score, as well as 5 specific scores: Shoulder, Overhead, Hips, Posterior Chain and Ankles.

The weakness which will most benefit from improvement is automatically set up in your profile. The app’s algorithm then takes into account not only the score but also the benefits that can be brought to the areas most commonly injured while practicing CrossFit®.

The app will automatically prioritise improving your weaknesses first, within the three different practises the app offers; Pre WOD, Post WOD and Daily exercises.


Your Pre WOD programmed practices are biomechanically researched to maximize the intensity for your workout, improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury. They include short stretching sessions and dynamic exercises -  selected for their effective approach in optimizing the quality of active movement, plus self-massage techniques. These protocols are adapted to your workout’s movements, your mobility profile and the time you have.

Your Post WOD exercises are based on stretching and feature extended mobilisation exercises which are ideally to be completed 3 hours after workouts and/or on rest days. These protocols have been designed with a view to improving the body's long-term mobility and flexibility, by targeting the weak spot set up in the user profile. These can be done without equipment, at your gym, at home or outdoors.

Daily recommended sessions are equipment free and will vary each day, but always adapted to your mobility profile.

"GOWOD is perfect for those who don't know how or when to stretch effectively. You can choose to stretch by type or body part, the individuality is great". Elliot Simmonds