Gym+Coffee Makes Life Richer 

Their world-class hoodies are made for and worn by a community who want to make the most of every moment.

NEW LAUNCH ALERT, Gym+Coffee is now available at WIT

The Irish brand, formulated in 2016, has taken Ireland and the UK by storm providing world-class hoodies to support the hustle. Since its inception, the brand’s community-centric culture has led its design, putting the needs of the everyday person at the forefront. 

Standing for more than just gym and the beloved energy elixir, the brand name was inspired by Australian culture, where coffee post-workout is not a choice, but a lifestyle. Gym+Coffee encourages a connected community where people can chill, whether that be post-workout or day to day living, and interact with each other moving beyond just the gym setting. They place the hoodie at the centre of this ethos as a mechanism for bringing people together. The universal and unrestricted item of clothing represents a dismissal of that which separates and signifies inclusivity.

Gym+Coffee say, 

Forget about age, gender, ethnicity, geography. 

Think about value, attitude, passion, energy. 

Defining people by what they stand for and how they treat others, instead of the insta led perfectionism society is so obsessed with. In doing so Gym+Coffee preach a relentless pursuit of living life to the fullest, encouraging their community to do awesome things and surround themselves with incredible people in unbelievable hoodies. They make life richer through genuine connection and experience.


This inclusive, super sound culture is one we are very excited to host at WIT, as we ourselves believe in the capacity of training to change lives, and what better to do that in, than a hoodie curated for the world's most connected community. 

The Gym+Coffee Collection

An insight into the capsule at WITG+C
  Featuring the Men's Hustle Half Zip in Metal Blue and the Women's Club run Half Zip Jacket in Pace Grey.
G+CFeaturing the Men's Advantage Pullover Hoodie in Black and the Women's Chill Crew in White.
G+CFeaturing the Men's Sierra Pullover Hoodie in Moss Green and the Women's Shield Jacket in Orbit.


Designed for everyday performance, this collection serves a community of people who want to make the most of every moment. Ranging from lightweight and sleek, to their softest chill fabrics, Gym+Coffee provide the hoodie for a cosy commute, mid-workout wear and post-workout warming.


Have a sweaty gym session planned?

Throw on the Advantage Pullover Hoodie in Black or the Upside Hoodie

Have a wet and windy commute?

Try the Shield Jacket or the Club Run Half Zip Jacket

Need another layer for your commute?

Check out the Traction Crew or the Sierra Crop Hoodie


 Boasting sleek silhouettes and minimalist detailing, Gym+Coffee takes you from casual corporate to low-key luxe in the pull of a hoodie. With contrasting textures, fleece feel interiors and hidden pockets, the Gym+Coffee range offers comfort, style and function.

 Reimagining the narrative around training, Gym+Coffee preaches an active lifestyle for the everyday individual, framing training as not just for the elite athlete it is so often limited to, but as much a collective weekend activity as grabbing a coffee with friends. Where coffee is an accessible way of socialising, the gym can come with its intimidating impositions and this is what Gym+Coffee dispel. The lifestyle brand is about the everyday for everyone.


 As well as caring about their community, Gym+Coffee also places sustainability at the forefront of their business development. On their way to becoming a B-Corporation, the Irish brand focuses on making high quality, long-lasting products that are sustainably made, using materials that are better for our planet. They focus on ethical manufacturing and are constantly reporting and improving their codes of conduct, aligning with brands who share this environmental focus.  

Fundamentally Gym+Coffee care. They care about their community, the environment and providing guilt-free clothing for limitless performance.  

Gym+Coffee create long lasting products that are better for the planet and are sure to fill your Gym+Coffee cup. From hoodies to all things activewear, they have everything you need for your everyday.