Gym Hairstyles: Which one will you pick?

We know how important it is to make sure you have no distractions when you’re trying to get your workout in, especially when it’s a distraction as annoying as your hair constantly getting in the way. When it comes to training styles like HIIT, CrossFit, boxing and really any activity where you are switching positions rapidly, you need to be able to rely on a hairstyle that makes you feel good but most importantly stays in place and helps you to perform. 

So we’ve come up with our top 5 gym hairstyles that are sure to keep your session running smoothly.

The Classic Ponytail

Model is in a lunge position with a kettlebell on thair right shoulder. Wearing the new WIT elderberry bra and shorts with a high ponytail hairstyle  Model wearing the new WIT elderberry sports bra and leggings paired with a high ponytail


You can’t beat a classic ponytail for those with hair long enough to place it either atop the head or you can go for a mid ponytail. Using a standard hair band for this will ensure the ponytail remains tight - make sure to double over the headband so it stays in place! Flyaways can even be further secured with a headband!

The Single Braid

Model is mid box jump with a single braid, wearing the new WIT soft legging and comp bra combo in purple Model is mid box jump wearing the new WIT soft legging and comp bra in purple with a single braid hairstlye


Suitable for those with low-medium hair thickness, the single braid is a great way of collecting your hair together whilst also styling it. Using a single hairband to secure at the bottom, this is a great hairstyle for medium impact activities.

The Multiple Braid

Model wears WIT white strappy bra with dual braid leading into single braid ponytail Model wears WIT black open back bra with multiple braid leading into a ponytail hairstyle


This more durable hairstyle in comparison to a single braid, keeps the hair closer to the scalp and is a tighter plait. This limits flyaways and also leaves a wavy pattern in your hair when the braids are taken out, styling it post-exercise for you as as well! This is a fav in the boxing scene and can also transition easily to an everyday look.

The Bun

Athlete waering the new WIT square neck elderberry bar with a barbell in front of them. Hairstyle is a bun with a yellow headband Athlete Paige Powers completing an overhead lift with a barbell with a bun hairstyle


Now this is a style that removes hair from the equation, placing it in a bob atop the head ensuring it will not enter your eye line. This full focus style is great for all styles of hair and can be made even more secure using hair pins and/or a headband.

The Half up

Female athlete on a C2 bike wearing white high neck sports bra and WIT navy high rise shorts. With hair in low bun and with a headband Sara Sigmundsdottir wearing the WIT white strappy bra with a low loose bun and headband hairstyle


For those with too much hair the half up look is the perfect option! By creating a low bun with a headband this hairstyle sweeps back the mane and catches any flyaways. Tying the top half of hair also prevents it from clinging to the face during a sweaty WOD whilst creating a cute layered look.


Gym Hair Care Tips

If you are a frequent gym goer you will know that sweating through your week affects the condition of your hair. Whether you find it gets greasy too quickly or is dry from being pulled into hairstyles, we have some top tips that could help you look after your hair.

If you have curly hair, we know washing everyday is not the best option for your hair health. So when you do have wash day and you workout we recommend trying a leave in mask, doing this 1-2 times weekly. Simply place it in before you workout and rinse post-exercise choosing to either then let it air dry or diffuse. This extra kick of conditioning will help your curls bounce back and make sure they don’t get too dry from being tied up.

If you have straight hair you may find that your main concern is oily hair after working out. Instead of washing your hair every time after your session, try and reach for a dry shampoo to use on your roots. You can brush this out through your hair helping to manage oily roots and help your hair health by not washing everyday.


Quick Questions

What should I do with my hair at the gym?

There are lots of options for your gym hairstyle. You could tie it in a tight ponytail or bun, or you could braid your hair or wear it half up if you have shorter hair.

Can you workout with your hair down?

You can definitely workout with your hair down! But if you’re looking for a more hair friendly style, check out our top 5 gym hairstyles which include the multiple braid and half up style, that will keep you moving through your session.