Check out the brand that disrupts the status quo, and is all about chasing the vibes

LSKD (Loose Kid) has arrived at WIT and is bringing the vibes from down under! The Australian-owned activewear brand brings you functional activewear inspired by the streets. Since its formation in 2007, LSKD has lived by the 3 pillars of sport, fitness and adventure, designing garments with a nod to their heritage in wheels and water. LSKD does not settle for the norm, instead challenging the status quo and bringing its own disruptive vibe.

Nicknamed the original good times club, LSKD is the brand for the restless, encouraging their community to move fast and break stuff, to fail forwards, and to strive to be 1% better everyday. They are experience-driven in design, and pride themselves in forming a lifestyle movement for the ones who seek individuality and do not compromise on standard. They are Limitless.

The ethos is simple: “When you are on top of your game, change your game” - James Kerr

LSKD is a whole vibe, and one we are proud to be a part of.



LSKD Disruptors

For the Men

LSKD Rep 7" Performance Shorts in Black

Black LSKD Performance Shorts 7 inches in length. Model shown wearing them from waist down LSKD model in black rep 7 inch shorts and black LSKD tank









The perfect blend of style, functionality and now sustainability; these Rep Shorts are made from recycled plastic! Built for performance styled for the streets, with premium 4-way stretch recycled polyester and inner leg mesh panels, The MVP of Men's Performance Shorts.

LSKD Competition 8" Performance Shorts in Brown

Model wears LSKD brown shorts  Model wears LSKD brown performance shorts. Shown from waist to knee

The LSKD competition performance shorts have the breathability and mobility you need to be at the top of your game. Made from the same Recycled Polyester as the Men's Rep Shorts - but featuring a new type of elastic waistband and side seam split.

LSKD Cornerstone Oversized T-shirt in Black

Model wears black oversize LSKD tshirt shown from waist up           Model wears Oversize black LSKD tee. Full body image paired with LSK camel shorts

Simple street.

100% cotton.

Oversize fit.

Contrast Embroidery Logo.

A whole vibe.

LSKD Unisex Effort Oversize T-shirt in Taupe

One female model and one male model both wear the LSKD oversize tee in taupe. Male model wears taupe LSKD shorts also and female model wears black booty shorts. Both standing with white trainers Demale model wears unisex LSKD oversize tee in the colour taupe. Image shoes back of tee









 This one is a banger. Oversized fit, 100% cotton, ft. a thick ribbed neckline and a little something special printed on the sleeves.

For The Women

LSKD Unisex Effort Oversize T-shirt in Taupe

 Female models wears LSKD oversize tee in taupe. Paired with white trainersFemale model wears LSKD oversize tee in taupe. Image shoes sleeve detailing with LSKD logo

A whole vibe for that oversized fit. 100% cotton, ft. a thick ribbed neckline and a little something special printed on the sleeves.

LSKD Rep Tank in White

Female model wears LSKD rep tank in white and deep teal. Paired with black leggings and white trainers.Model wears LSKD white rep tank. Image shoes back of tank which is plain white










Your everyday workout essential. A regular fit tank with a sleek front logo that will pull through every time.

LSKD Elixir Light Support Sports Bra in Green

  LSKD model wears teal coop neck bra with matching cycling shorts. Shown from knee up standing sideways        LSKD model wears teal bra, showing back design with thin straps and LSKD in white logo on band line


Performance & comfort: redefined…

Wear it over the shoulders or criss-crossed with O-ring and hook feature. Our ultra-light and super soft Zephyr fabric comes to life in the versatile Elixir Sports Bra. Featuring adjustable straps with sliders and 4 way stretch that moves with you.

LSKD Elixir Mid Shorts in Green

LSKD model wears high waisted cycsling shorts with matching bra        LSKD model wears high waisted cycling short. Image shoes back design

12 months in the making, the LSKD design team has perfected the blend to bring real technical performance with a second skin feel. With no front seam and booty shaping contour panels, Elixir hugs all the right corners and curves without rolling down or riding up. Made with the ultra light and soft ‘Zephyr’ fabric.