Mind Gym and Mental Strength for Beginners | by Emma Hackett Limitless Coaching

Limitless Coaching was founded in 2016 by Emma Hackett; qualified Life Coach, Sports mind-set Coach and NlP practitioner with over a decade of research and experience behind her. Her mission is to teach and communicate effective principles and techniques for developing 'mind-set with purpose' to everyone from athletes to 3-times-a-week gym goers.  She's built a business sharing knowledge and tools for enabling greater mental agility and adaptability under pressure and works with many high profile CrossFitter's. 

We are teaming up with Limitless Coaching and over the coming weeks will delve into the world of mindset. Covering foundational principles for mental health, mental fitness and peak performance through challenges, articles and Q&As with Founder Emma. 

Read on, for Emma's first guest article and prepare for a little enlightenment. 

Mental strength and self-development are hugely beneficial for keeping you focused on a workout or task at hand and building self-belief and confidence to develop healthy mental wellbeing and game day peak performance. This is an area I work closely in, with Elite CrossFit athletes, Olympic athletes and driven humans in business and life. I help them to develop their mindset and skills, as their mental performance coach.

Right now, we are all adjusting to an unexpected chapter. Whether you’re working from home, passing the time or having to focus on restructuring your whole business model and life.

You may not be preparing yourself and training for the CrossFit games but now more than ever, we acknowledge that we are preparing and training ourselves for the game of life, which still requires self awareness, mental agility and effective habits that set us up for a win.

Last week we all started with the best intentions to adapt to being at home and setting a routine which, for many looked like this…

•Get up early

•Eat well

•Train hard

•Be super productive with work

•Clean the entire home

•Sleep 8-9 hours

•Start a side hustle

•Read a book

In reality it may have looked like this...

• Slept in

•Ate 3 packs of Doritos and a pack of Freddos on the daily

•Went to do some work but watched back to back episodes of House

•Watched 50+ home work out videos

•Completed zero actual working out

•Feeling anxious


•Watched the news a lot


...Sound familiar?

When facing uncertainty, unless we have been purposefully training our minds and working on our mental fitness (like the athletes I work with, who train their minds to be responsive to uncertainty and adversity) we don’t always meet our expectations.

So if right now you are giving your best efforts to dial into new morning routines, exercise from home, relax and stay cool, composed and focused AND highly productive with work, yet feel you are falling at the first hurdle and overwhelmed with all the suggestions coming in thick and fast on social media there is a reason. The reason is that you are human.

It’s 100% ok if you’re feeling this way. Even just acknowledging the reality (which is you have never had to adapt like this before) means you can see yourself as a beginner or learner and take some of that false pressure off yourself.

All of the above that you want to apply and achieve are learnable and trainable but they won’t happen overnight. Just like learning a kipping pull up, it takes time for new skills and habits to ‘click’.

Over the next few weeks, I am honoured to join the amazing WIT community who are bringing all the great knowledge, suggestions, experience and tips to one hub. From home workouts for your body (and mindset) to nutrition and recovery advice.  I am excited to share all that I know, with those that want to have a better understanding of not only WHY we do what we do but the HOW we create purposeful habits, rituals and routines which will allow us to maintain health, well being and peak performance, utilising the same principles applied by some of your favourite WIT athletes.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we are going to delve into the world of mindset, covering the foundational principles for mental health, mental fitness and peak performance through challenges, articles, Q&As and workshops on IGTV.

Stay tuned!

Love Emma