Nike Unveils The METCON SF X

Since the early 2000’s obstacle course racing or OCR has soured in popularity, it only seems fitting that Nike should enter the arena with the Metcon SF X

Building on the durability and stability the Metcon has brought to the market the SF X introduces new features like a draining system, anti clogging grips and a speed lacing system.

Whilst you may not want to snatch, clean or double under in them they will give ultimate support for anything that occurs during extreme outdoor training.
- @nikemetconclub

The Nike Metcon SF repels mud for superior grip and drains water to keep your weight down. Its speed-lacing system features a gaiter to help keep out debris for distraction-free performance in tough terrain.

Draining System
A lightweight, mesh upper and drain ports in the outsole work together like a sieve. You'll push out water with every step, preventing excess water weight.
Anti-Mud Traction
Anti-clogging rubber and a unique spacing of the outsole lugs provide traction that lets you dig in as the mud falls away.
Adjustable Fit
The speed-lacing system lets you quickly adjust and adapt the fit during an obstacle race without losing your pace.