NOBULL | 5 Years, 5 Moments

As the first brand WIT reached out to back in 2015, NOBULL have been part of WIT’s extended family since day one. 

For 5 years now, we’ve enjoyed a close and unique relationship with the team at the innovative American brand, since both establishing in early 2015. Each year we have shared some incredible stand out moments with our communities. 

NOBULL don’t believe in excuses. If you have a will, you’ll find a way. They acknowledge their kit won’t make you fitter, only YOU can make you fitter. Working hard, day after day. It’s this ethos and these values that have been the glue cementing our legacy of partnership for half a decade, one that’s only about to get tighter as we both enter an exciting time of growth and the sport that is training, attracts more individuals who are truly as obsessed as we are. 

To celebrate the 5th birthday of a company, a brand, and a team that have taken the training world by storm, we’re recapping some of our favourite WIT x NOBULL moments over the past 5 years. 

Here’s to the next 5 years!

In 2015, not long after an email from WIT CEO Dan Williams, landed in the inbox of NOBULL's co-founder and CEO Marcus  Wilson, WIT became the first retailer of NOBULL footwear. When we launched the Berry and Black Ivy Trainers to an immediate sell out, we realised we were onto something special with the emerging Boston based brand.

One of the key reasons why we started WIT in 2015, was out of a drive to provide the training consumer with the specialty product they were craving, and the choice they deserved. Following the launch of the Berry and Black Ivy Trainers, we knew we needed to integrate NOBULL into our bricks and mortar offering, giving the training obsessed the chance to interact with the product in the physical retail space. Immediately, we set out to create a series of pop up experiences around London headlined by NOBULL. These early retail experiences lead to the NOBULL team hopping the pond to come over to London and launch the original Ence Trainer.

 In 2016, came the French Throwdown. WIT’s first event abroad, and an opportunity to create a pop-up fitness and retail experience, together with Brooke Wells.  

In 2017, WIT and NOBULL continued to work together to launch products in the digital and physical retail spaces. Early on, the team at NOBULL made the decision to launch their most exciting product at midnight EST, meaning that to align, our London based team were at the helm for 4am on launch days, ready to hit go at 5am SHARP. The energy around these releases still stands as some of the original members of staff’s  favourite memories from the early days of WIT. One of the biggest “5AM Moments” of the year was the record breaking ALL BLACK TRAINER release for Black Friday, selling thousands of units well before the sun came up.  

‘Something that was always so crazy for us was the number of customers who set their alarms at 4.45am to get their NOBULL product’ Sam Kitching, CMO WIT

Fast forward to 2018 and the opening of our WIT Training HUB. 

Within the first month of opening the doors to our London Flagship, the space played host to launches from some of the biggest training and sportswear brands on the planet, culminating in the NOBULL Art Work Collection Launch. This day mirrored our tradition of shared 12am EST/5AM GMT launches, kicking off with a training session in our freshly christened training space mixing our budding community with NOBULL athletes, Brooke Wells, Kristy Eramo, Sam Dancer, and Alex Anderson and the rest of the team from NOBULL. We can still remember the stunned looks on early commuters faces as a pack 50+ strong barrelled down the banks of the Thames for a “cool down” run post WOD. Hours later, we were proud to host the official launch of the Art Work Collection, created through collaboration between NOBULL’s athletes and artist Kent Youngstrom.

We took things to the next level as a duo in 2019, joining forces for the iconic WODAPALOOZA competition and the CrossFit Games.

Both experiences, together with our athletes and customers, cemented our sustained partnership. We have one simple passion in common – to support our community to train harder and perform better. 

Here’s to NOBULL and the next 5 years.