Everything you need to know before an open water row race | Tips with Dr Cameron Nichol

A challenge of balance, coordination, agility and skill, the announcement of an open water row at SiD spread through the community like wildfire. The first time such a challenge has ever cropped up in a sanctional competition and one that’s a test of more than just strength, endurance or pain tolerance. Over the last 6 weeks, athletes have been instructed to seek coaching, guidance and quite simply, do whatever it takes, to get in a boat and practice. This weekend will see elite champions of the sport Mat Fraser, Laura Horvath, Lukas Hogberg and Haley Adams take on this unpredictable challenge, after training as well as they can on their home waters.  

We are proudly supporting the event and last week, caught up with legendary rowing expert Dr Cameron Nichol, behind the scenes of the event preparations, to catch some tips and sneaky details on what exactly the competitors might experience in the event on the London Docks this Saturday.