The limited edition Sigmundsdóttir tour tee is back and we’ve got the insider info you need, to know all about this latest edition.

With an all-new design coming in 3 new colours we look at the inspiration behind the 2nd iteration of this sell out fan favourite.


Born from a career of triumph and tribulation, this latest edition of the Tour Tee reflects the unfazed methodology of one of the most renowned CrossFit names in the sport today. It is the materialisation of the Sigmundsdóttir way.

 From the age of 17, Sara has fought to be at the top of her sport and is one of its most renowned names. From her first games appearance in 2015 where she podiumed, to winning the CrossFit Open in 2017,‘19 and ‘20, Sigmundsdóttir’s career has been filled with accolade and graft.

 Not without difficulty, Sigmundsdóttir practices what she preaches overcoming competition disappointments and career threatening injury to embrace the strength from within. She is an institution transcending the individual experience and embodying strength and resilience.

In this latest edition of the Tour Tee Sigmundsdóttir has materialised this aura of strength and power, incorporating several iconic Icelandic references, with the ultimate message to "Never Be Afraid of Your Own Strength."


The Detail is in the Design.

The focal point of this latest iteration is the “Yggdrasil” (the “tree of life”) originating in Norse mythology and symbolising individuality and personal growth. The tree stands at the middle of the mythological world with its branches extending past the heavens, expressing limitless possibility. The otherworldly nature of this design elevates Sigmundsdóttir’s core ethos and energy as beyond the individual. The tree is paired with several runes, rooting this focus across wisdom, strength and personal growth.

The Tree of Life is set against the worldly sunflower, synonymous with light and optimism. One of Sara’s favourite flowers, it boasts happiness and is accompanied by the slogan, “Never Be Afraid of Your Own Strength.” Sigmundsdóttir continues the Icelandic influences by including Ravens in her design, known as symbols of good luck. The culmination of these natural influences plays homage to her homeland and shares the authentic and rooted way of living.

The Power of the Collective.

The Tree of Life tee is available in 3 colour ways.

Orchard Stone




Simply put, this tee is the embodiment of the Sigmundsdóttir way – an infectious ethos and energy that promotes finding strength within and doing Whatever It Takes in pursuit. It is a reminder to embrace your individuality and be unapologetic in your strength.


You are your greatest adversary.

Embrace your individuality and Never Be Afraid Of Your Own Strength.

Be bold. Be unafraid. Be you. 


They say your vibe attracts your tribe. Get ready to embrace the power of the Sigmundsdóttir collective.