The Best CrossFit Shoes

What are CrossFit shoes?

Nike React Metcon Turbo


Basically, they are shoes designed to meet the requirements for CrossFit training. They are made to be used for a variety of functional fitness training methods. By this, I mean they're versatile. The aim is to make them capable of handling a lot of different varied movements. This makes CrossFit shoes very good at a multitude of things, but not perfect for any one movement. From running, to lifting weights, box jumps and step ups, CrossFit shoes have you covered. 


What are the benefits of CrossFit shoes over other types of shoes?

The most common comparison is between running shoes and CrossFit shoes. Running shoes are built with cushioning in mind, and this makes them too unstable for an all round training shoe. CrossFit shoes can tackle a lot, but they’re not designed to do any one thing perfectly. They’re the shoes you put on when you want to do a range of movements in the same training session. You can comfortably run in them, but they're not as soft as your highly cushioned running shoes. You can comfortably lift weights in them, but they’re not as stable as a Weightlifting Shoe (you may call the ‘Olympic Weightlifting shoe, or ‘Squat Shoe’). The majority of CrossFit movements, and many of the movements most people do in the gym, can be boiled down to one thing. What you’re doing is putting force directly into the floor, and it's this requirement that CrossFit shoes focus on.

Shoes designed for CrossFit can boast a variety of other intelligent features such as protection on the arch for climbing a rope, plastic heel counters for Hand Stand Push Ups (HSPU).

What are the Best Shoes for CrossFit?

Nike Metcon 6

This Nike CrossFit shoes is the sixth edition of the Swoosh’s flagship training shoe. A staple of the functional fitness community since it’s release in 2015. The latest model builds on the franchise's popularity with the most breathable Metcon yet (18% more breathable than the Metcon 5). With other great features such as diverse cushioning, to give a softer forefoot and harder, more stable heel. This along with a plastic heel clip (for HSPU) and durable rubber soles, that are also designed to protect the foot while rope climbing. An added bonus is the inclusion of the removable Hyperlift insoles to add extra heel raise for when you need that little bit of extra mobility, which makes these a great option as a CrossFit lifting shoe.
Check out available colours here.


Reebok Nano X

Reebok nano X
A celebration of a decade of providing the CrossFit community with a shoe capable of meeting the demands of their sport. These Reebok CrossFit shoes combine a classic look with all the comfort of a stretchy Flexweave upper, and a lightly cushioned midsole. Complete with a plastic heel capsule to give support along with ‘Ropepro’ on the medial side to protect you while clambering up, you guessed it, ROPES.
Check out available colours here.
Check out the limited edition Rich Froning edition here.


NOBULL Superfabric Trainer

NOBULL Super Fabric Trainers

If you’re after something a little different, look no further than NOBULL. These more than capable training shoes boast a unique aesthetic, thanks to their seamless one piece construction, from their very own ‘Superfabric’ material. This material gives comfortable support yet provides incredible durability, along with a stable sole with a multi-directional lug pattern for any training environment. NOBULL also specialise in pushing the boundaries with their colour options.
See what I mean here.

Under Armour Tribase Reign 2

Under Armour Tribase Reign 3

These Under Armour CrossFit shoes came a little later to the party than some of the others in this list, but this certainly doesn’t mean they’re behind the curve. They provide that precious stability and support by utilising a large external heel counter and increased collar height. They have you covered for comfort and looks as well, thanks to a fill length foam insole and stretchy knitted upper.
Great for someone looking for a natural feel with their 2mm heel height. 
Check them out here.

Inov8 G-300

Inov8 G300

An offering of the UKs finest thanks to this Inov 8 CrossFit shoe. It's their most responsive and protective training shoe to date due to their exclusive use of the world's strongest material, ‘Graphene’. This is all while staying true to their roots, and keeping them light at just 300g. With a 6mm Drop these are not a bad option when it comes to CrossFit Running shoes. 
See what I'm talking about here.


Puma Fuse

Puma Fuse

The New Kid on the block. This Puma CrossFit shoe is their first foray into the functional fitness market. They have hit all the major requirements for the category, blending stability, from a firm rubber outsole, combined with a TPU heel counter. This along with a durable upper and cushioned midsole, should be suitable for anything that the box can throw at you.
Have a look at the newcomer here.


What are the best CrossFit shoes?

  • CrossFit shoes are designed to meet the demands of training for CrossFit. This means they are suitable for a wide range of functional training methods.

  • The best CrossFit shoes have a blend of cushioning and support, making them stable handle load, but responsive enough for running and jumping.

  • There are many great CrossFit shoes, such as The Nike Metcon 6, Reebok Nano X, Nobull Superfabric Trainer, Under Armour Tribase Reign 2, Inov8 F-lite G300, and Puma Fuse.

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