The Best Gym Bags of 2021

WIT Backpack Large

Source: WIT Fitness

Why do you need a good gym bag?

Whether it’s a session before work, between meetings, or in the evenings, fitting in a gym visit has got to be made easy. Any unnecessary stress and you’re much less likely to go.

Having everything you need with you to do your workout helps. That’s made possible with a good gym bag. Something that looks sharp, keeps things compact and lets you carry all your essentials easily. 

What should you look for in a good gym bag?

It may seem like a simple bit of kit, but there are a few key qualities a good gym bag has that makes your gym routine easier. With a large number of options available across a range of different prices, it's important to know exactly what you want from it.

The first, and most fundamental thing, is durability. The material a gym bag is made from and the way it’s made plays a big role in how long it will last you. It has to hold up against wet weather, train floors, small spaces, and dirty trainers. You want to invest in something that will survive it all.

Size and length must also come into consideration. It needs to hold everything you want it to, whilst taking up as little room as possible. Whether it will fit easily in lockers, under your desk, and in your cupboard is something worth thinking about. There is a range of sizes available, so you need to know what you’ll be putting into it before picking one that will work.

Clever and compact storage is also a feature you’ll want to look for in a gym kit bag. It means you can keep the clean away from the dirty and reach easily for the item you want without rummaging around for too long. A gym bag with a laptop compartment is a key quality for those who workout before or after work. Whether it's a men’s gym bag or a ladies' gym bag, you also want something that looks sharp and suits your style.

What are the best gym bags?

To help you decide what the best options are, we’ve collated the best gym backpacks. Whether you're looking for something that meets a specific requirement, or just a cool gym bag to add to your collection, this list will give you a good idea of what to go for.


Reebok Training Weave Backpack

Reebok Weve

Source: WIT Fitness

Holding up to 39.75L, the Reebok Training Weave Backpack is a large gym bag that helps you keep on top of your kit. With a generous main compartment, a laptop sleeve, side pockets, plus extra space for your post-workout gear, this gym bag lets you take everything you need for the office and exercise at the same time. 


Nike Utility Speed Training Backpack

Nike Backpack black

Source: WIT Fitness

This black Nike gym bag boasts quick access to your kit. With a zippered main compartment containing a laptop sleeve plus multiple zippered compartments on the front, you can keep all your items secure and smaller ones within easy reach. Additional features include a gusset vent to keep the bag well ventilated and a side sleeve for your water bottle. A popular component of this backpack is the long length zip, meaning the bag opens all the way around. You can pack your items in flat and access them all easily. It’s marketed as a gym bag for men but could suit anybody.

Reebok Training Backpack

Reebok training backpack

Source: WIT Fitness

This medium-sized Reebok gym bag has multiple compartments, meaning you can separate your kit easily. Keep the clean away from the dirty with the dedicated mesh bag on the inside for your post-workout clothing. It features a zippered compartment at the back to fit any small- or medium-sized laptop. Carry your work gear and workout gear efficiently with this simply designed gym rucksack. 


Nike power training backpack

Source: WIT Fitness

The top load design of this Nike gym bag means you can carry more when you need to whilst its internal pockets let you stay organised. It’s one of the most popular Nike ladies’ gym bags as it’s adjustable in size with a roll-top that lets you fold it down when you’ve got less and increase its size when you’ve got more. Small items can also be kept close in the zippered front pockets. It’s marketed as a women’s gym bag but is suitable for everyone. 

WIT Large Ripstop Backpack

WIT backpack

Source: WIT Fitness

The WIT Ripstop Backpack features several well-designed comparts to let you pack smart. Including a padded laptop pocket, exterior mesh bottle pockets, an expandable internal side pocket for footwear, and large and small exterior front pocket openings, you can carry everything you need and stay organised at the same time. Made from Condura fabric, this bag boasts maximum durability. It’s water, tear, scuff, and abrasion resistant, making it fit for purpose for those who are always on the go.


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