The Best Weightlifting Knee Sleeves

Knee Sleeves

Weightlifting knee sleeves are pieces of fabric that cover your knee joint, usually up to the bottom of your thigh. They provide extra support for the tendons and ligaments that go through increased pressure when performing strenuous activities, ranging from running to power lifting. The sleeves enable knees to warm up quicker as a result of increased blood flow and the tautness of the fabric reduces pain. This allows for a more comfortable experience where you can focus on the workout and not potential injuries.


What are the benefits of CrossFit Knee Sleeves?

Cross fitters cite knee problems as one of the biggest hurdles in maintaining peak level fitness. As the sport is so dynamic, the amount of force that is put through your knee should be taken into account when planning workouts. The sleeves are used to both prevent injuries and rehabilitate them. CrossFit knee sleeves should be considered by anyone who is looking to get into the sport. Here is some information about knee sleeves for CrossFit.


When to use CrossFit Knee Sleeves:

Anything involving a squat.

The squat is an integral part of a CrossFit workout, whether it is centred around bodyweight, dumbbells or barbells. In order to be best prepared for these taxing exercises, use a knee sleeve to first help warm your knee ,and the surrounding area, up, and then reinforce your tendons and ligaments to prevent any injuries that could side-line you for months. The sleeve also works in reiterating to your brain the correct position to adopt as you are hyperaware of where your knee is, so that you have knee support for squats. Knee sleeves for squats and powerlifting knee sleeves are two of the most popular choices for athletes.


Extreme dynamic movement involving your knees.

These can include box jumps or runs where sprinting will be required. Although not explicitly designed for these types of exercises the knee sleeve will provide mental and physical support. If you are recently returning from an injury you will be able to perform to a higher standard knowing that you don’t have to worry about re-injury as your knee has good blood flow and structural support. Knee sleeves for CrossFit is something you must consider as the support they provide is essential.


When NOT to use Knee Sleeves:  

Activities that are either non weight-bearing or involve little to no knee movement.

Swimming would be an area where knee sleeves would not be a necessity as there is no weight going through your joints. If recommended by a healthcare professional a knee sleeve could still be utilised. Workouts such a push ups or sit ups where the knees are relatively unused would not require a knee sleeve. Or a cheap knee support would be beneficial if you wanted some support but did not want the professional quality powerlifting knee wraps provide.


What should you look for in a knee sleeve?

The deciding factor in which knee sleeve you pick all depends on what you want from it.  If you are focusing on weightlifting, then a sturdier sleeve is required. These limit your movement but provide a high-level of support. If you are focusing on running or other isotonic movements, then a lighter knee sleeve would be beneficial as this provides a wide range of movement but comes with little to no knee support. For the CrossFit athlete, a sweet medium is required, a knee sleeve that is protective but not restricting and durable but not fragile. The blend of the two would be ideal for Cross Fitters who undergo many different workouts in a short space of time. The best knee supports change from person to person as what you want from them is important.


Why do athletes wear knee sleeves?

Marcus Filly Knee Sleeves

Athletes wear knee sleeves for the same reason enthusiast wear knee sleeves, for protection and preventative measures. Simply put, they use them for the increase in blood flow and this the mitigation of pain. As Athletes are training a lot more than your average person the need to have extra protection is multiplied. You will see knee sleeves from the NBA to the CrossFit Games.


Best knee sleeves to buy for CrossFit


This knee sleeve is best for athletes who follow a wide-ranging training plan that involves both agility and strength. It provides a strong level of support without limiting your movement. This is a unisex product for all levels of skill. Men’s knee support and knee support for women can be the exact same and only vary in size, not the build-up of the product.



The design of this sleeve was centred around giving the best support during high intensity exercises. Enabling complete motion support while providing increased blood flow due to the compression and heat supplied by the sleeve. This sleeve is unisex and aimed towards intermediate and above. The product comes in multiple sizes. This give great knee support for the gym.


Bear Komplex

This sleeve comes in multiple colours and sizes that appeal to both men and women. Created to increase blood flow and reduce pain, the sleeve is made for a variety of exercises ranging from Squats and Power cleans to Running.  You wont fear injury as the safe feeling of a compressed knee will be provided by Bear Komplex UK.



Providing both 7mm sleeves and 5mm sleeves, these knee braces are designed for support and protection. Not only do they compress the knee to keep the ligaments and tendons supported, but they provide protection from possible abrasions sustained during lunges or obstacle course racing. These sleeves are unisex and geared toward all skill levels.


This sleeve has the professional in mind. Comprised of a thick neoprene, intended to help stabilise the knee joint while under pressure, and protect against force while keeping the knee warm. This sleeve can aid performance in a range of workouts from lunges to clean and jerks. Eleiko sleeve is unisex and comes in multiple sizes.


What are the best knee sleeves?

To get the answer to this question, you must consider what you are going to use them for. If you are a weightlifter you need to look at weightlifting knee sleeves, that are stronger and work on keeping your leg in the proper position and increase blood flow. If your sport is CrossFit you need to have a knee sleeve that is multipurpose, one that can provide structural support while being flexible enough to not restrict your movement in more dynamic workouts.  The best knee support can be found at WT-Fitness, they have a wide variety for sleeves that specialise in knee supports for squats, weight lifting knee support  and neoprene knee sleeves for CrossFit.
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