Sara collection


It’s time to level up. Rest at the end, not in the middle. No matter what happens, I’m here to

remind you that you are not confined by what other people think.

This is a collection symbolic of so much more. It’s time for you to define your own category. 

Do Whatever It Takes.





WIT collection


This is a collection inspired by the comeback.

The return. The journey.

Modelled on the Sigmundsdóttir mindset and tenacity to not let injury be her ending, but a part of her storyline.


About the collection

Launched at WZA this year, the Sigmundsdóttir SP23 collection is all about being back on the comp floor in a bold way. 

A focal point of this new collection is the Polar Bear, an animal which Sara asserts as underestimated - seeming cute and innocent on approach but deadly on attack. Having to survive in one of the most testing environments, the polar bear is a dominant and tenacious animal and is a symbol of strength and endurance in the Arctic. The Polar Bear also prefers to hunt alone and these primal instincts speak to Sara’s CrossFit career. Having faced injury and setbacks Sara shifted to survival mode crafting a career founded on endurance and commitment.

Although a mental battle, Sigmundsdóttir never saw quitting as an option, and framed her mindset as her biggest asset in a time when her body seemed to be falling behind. Through this invigorated commitment, she created another chapter to her career, represented she says through the double S logo found on her garments. Where the first ‘S’ signifies her initial athletic career, the overlapping second ‘S’ signifies Chapter 2 - the comeback. 



Sigmundsdóttir notes this new chapter has not been easy to write, and a key element was bringing together the mental and physical side, and learning to enjoy the journey again. Noting that it is when everything works in tandem, that she performs her best. In order to achieve this Sara had to reinvent her perception of failure as a necessary part to progress, and in turn success. She had to learn that failure was not finite but fluid and essential for peak performance, as to never fail meant she would never learn. In failure she started to find strength, repurposing its control over her mental development in the sport and using it to begin testing and in turn trusting her body again.

Through the ups and downs of consistency one part remained constant, and that was her desire to be back at the top of the sport. Driven by self-commitment and belief she did not let her injuries or setbacks become her narrative, but it was her reaction to these that came to define her inarguable impression upon the sport. She is a name synonymous with CrossFit and she is not going anywhere soon. 

Sara is primed. She is prepared. She is ready to unleash the Beast.


Getting to know the inspiration behind the collection

We asked Sara about her new collection and the inspiration behind the designs that dominated the Wodapalooza comp floor. Get to know why she focalises the polar bear and what being back on the comp floor means to her.

 Your new lifestyle collection is dominated by the Polar Bear, a symbol of strength, power and leadership. What does that mean to you?

Coming back from a major injury has been very hard, especially mentally. It’s been ups and downs of consistency and trusting my body again. It’s almost like I am reinventing my athletic identity, learning how to trust the body again and see what I am capable of. I have always looked at me like a bear...they may look innocent but when they have to attack they become a beast.

When you look at your new collection, how does it make you feel?

My collection is so much more than just clothes. I try to put a lot of meaning in everything I do and especially when it comes to the small details. Each piece has a lot of thought behind it and the signature tee has the most details. The feeling when I see people wearing my range, it’s unreal. I actually designed something that people love and relate to.

What’s the one thing you tell yourself right before walking out onto the competition floor?

I listen to the music that I have listened to in training. I remind myself of all the work I put in and how fortunate I am to be able to do what I am doing. I don’t take it for granted that I get to go out on the competition floor, get support from fans and test my limits.

What does it mean to be back competing under the bright Miami lights?

Last year was pretty dramatic since I had to pull out due to a knee injury. Therefore being able to compete this year gets me so excited. I have put in a lot of work to be where I am now and I get to test that out and see what I need to improve to reach my goal this year. It’s time to level it up. Rest at the end, not in the middle. No matter what happens, I’m here to remind you that you are not confined by what other people think.


WIT collection Sara


A leading narrative throughout Sara’s collections is the power in embracing your own strength and how you are not confined by what other people think. She is an advocate for female strength and empowerment and is committed to expanding awareness of female capability in sport. She redefines what it means to be feminine, what it is to be a strong woman and what it means to let yourself be the dictator of your own storyline. 

The Sigmundsdóttir name is a symbol reifying itself through these collections and cementing its messaging every time someone steps onto a gym floor in one of the pieces. It creates community. It creates solidarity. And it gives strength to the potential within.

Set to survival mode this collection is designed so you can show up day-in day-out with a kit that can keep up.




As seen on the comp floor...