A symbol for embracing your individuality and never being afraid of your own strength.

Because you are more than what people see.



The Logo

The Sigmundsdóttir magic is emulated through this logo and is a reminder that you are not confined to what people tell you. You can do more than what society permits. Your greatest adversary is you.

It is a magic that redefines strength, focusing on mindset over aesthetics and individuality over conformity. 

Because the potential in you is more than you ever knew you could do. 



Sara Sigmundsdóttir is a name synonymous with the sport of CrossFit. She is part of the renowned Icelandic collective and is one of the biggest names to come from the Nordic Island Nation. Starting the sport in 2017 Sara’s career has been filled with graft, grit and a grinding determination to be the best she can be. She has won the CrossFit Open, stood atop podiums and dealt with career-threatening injuries, becoming a symbol of strength, determination and commitment.

But it hasn’t always been plain sailing.

Since starting the sport Sara has spoken about how she initially battled with the incompatibility between the female image and CrossFit demand. She found that strength in women was not widely encouraged and instead found herself shying away from the incredible physique that had taken her years to build. In this the stereotypes of femininity took away from her improvement in the sport and her new capabilities.

However this battle between mind and body was soon curtailed by her enduring desire to compete amongst the best and prove to herself her own ability. In this realisation Sara started anew with both her bodily perception and projection of these values to the community and following she had built. Sara now prides herself on vocalising the importance of redefining how we see strength, especially in women. In disbanding the misinformation associated with weights and bulking, and the toxic narrative around diet culture. Sara promotes strength as empowering, focusing on performance over aesthetics. She wants people to embrace who they are and discard the static structures imposed by society's desperation to define.

This logo is a reminder of these principles that now direct and define Sigmundsdóttir's way of life. 



Sara attributes her desire to be strong partly to her Icelandic heritage, drawing on the prevalence of her viking ancestors and their strong physiques to withstand the harsh demands of their lifestyle. In this she places female strength as natural, displacing societies ‘natural’ notions of women actively being smaller in every sense. Sara redefines femininity and it’s inferences ultimately concluding that,

Strength and femininity are not mutually exclusive.

Sigmundsdóttir notes the progressiveness of Icelandic culture with its rapidly growing CrossFit community and subsequent repositioning of the female image, with several famous CrossFit Icelandic women aiding this. This has contributed to her own reinforcement of strength as power, but has also highlighted the worldwide scarcity of accessibility to communities that challenge old narratives. Given this, Sara has made it her mission to promote strength as empowering and to continue to add to the growing discussion around what femininity means.

She strives to project her message alongside her performance and this has earned her a growing following who adopt the Sigmundsdóttir way in their every day.

At WIT we have always worked with Sara to create activewear that looks good but also feels good, combatting the singularity in the activewear industry. No more choosing between style and performance but instead creating pieces that do both. And this hoodie is no exception. Based on the core principle of embracing your individuality, this first item from the new Sigmundsdóttir collection is all about introducing you to the mantra behind the motivation.

So make sure your vibe is attracting the right tribe and get ready to embrace your individuality at the pull of a hoodie.