5 Weight vest WODs to try at home | With Jamie & Elliot Simmonds

Strap in, weight vest workouts are not to be underestimated! Whether you're looking to progress your bodyweight training from home, or have decided its time to complete Murph RX, weight vests are a great addition to your training kit. Ahead of weighted vests dropping at WIT next week, Team WIT and CrossFit Games athletes Elliot and Jamie Simmonds have selected their top five WODs perfect for strapping into your weight vest from home.

Check out their WOD selection below, and their reasons why weight vest training is so beneficial. Don't forget to sign up to be notified when the weight vest drop lands at WIT next week so that you can vest up and train hard. 

wod 1 is a workout from the 2017 crossfit regionals. Elliot and jamie both ended up winning this workout in the meridian region. Complete the buy in run and then work through the 12 rounds. Scale appropriately.


Weight vests provide a great tool for variation that our bodies aren’t prepared for. Weighted vests can help in developing strength, endurance and cardio by increasing your body weight. Adding mass can influence the ways your muscles stress and strain during workouts. By adding it, more force is exerted which, in turn leads to faster energy depletion. Both experiences can also affect your breathing pattern and how much oxygen you take in as you train.

As well as making your muscles stronger, wearing a weighted vest when running will increase the load transmitted through your bones. The extra loading can result in increased bone mass by stimulating cells called osteoblasts to lay down new bone material in response to the demands being placed on your skeleton. To simplify, bones become stronger and denser to handle the extra weight.

don't be fooled by the simplicity of either of these wods. simplicity is powerful when it comes to weight vest training.

weight vests can be used in almost every functional fitness movement. Adding a weight vest into your train will help build extra strength and endurance on top of your normal training.

If you've completed the list, or just looking for some extra motivation, give Jamie and Elliot a follow on Instragram to see what it takes to train and compete at CrossFit Games level!

give Jamie and Elliot a follow on Instragram to see what it takes to train and compete at CrossFit Games level