WHAT THE METCON: What is it all about?

The latest NIKE Metcon 6 release has just been unveiled...the 'What The' Metcon 6. And those might well have been your exact words...what the *?!* is that shoe? There is SO much going on. Colours you recognise. Colours you own. Others you don't...yet!

But fear not, as Team WIT is here to break it down for you. We talk you through exactly what the 'What The' series is, how limited & sought after the drops have been, and how and when can you get your hands on the first EVER What The Metcon release. Read on to find out more...

"The 'What The Metcon' combines some of those most beloved Metcon colour-ways ever released, all mashed-up in one extremely limited must-have Metcon."


The What The Metcon 6 is not the first of its kind.  The colour-blocking and eye-catching 'What The' series is in fact one of Nike's most recognisable and hyped franchises within their sneaker business. It all started back in 2007 with the What The Nike SB Dunk Low, aka 'What The Dunk'. Since then, the range has produced sell-out after sell-out limited release drops across some of Nike's most successful ranges. These have included numerous and repeated drops within Nike Basketball, as well as Football, Streetwear, and now...Metcon.

The extremely limited 'What The?' releases are mash-ups of some of those most popular and beloved colour-ways ever released within each respective shoe range, all combined into one shoe. The result? Vibrant, eye-catching, colour-blocked, mis-matched, must-have sneaker drops, that are as limited as they are lucrative, with the original NIKE SB What the Dunk re-selling online for £31,000 a pair. So let's take a look at some of the most iconic 'What The' releases...

The Nike What the Dunk. This was the first ever release in the series, and pairs are now re-selling for as much as £31,000.

The' What The Kobe' arrived in 2012, mashing up the NIKE ZOOM KOBE 7 and kicked off the slew of 'WHAT THE' releases in Nike Basketball.

The' What The Doernbecher' was the 11th release in the series and limited to only 11 pairs. It combined 13 different Nike SB Doernbecher sneakers and all 11 pairs were sold at charity auction.

The 'What The Mercurial' Football boot was released in 2016 and celebrated 16 of the most iconic colour-ways in one boot, and saw the inclusion of 'What The' limited edition packaging including a 'What The Bag' and 'What The Box'.

The 'What The Metcon', the latest release in the series which cements the Metcon-head culture at the forefront of sneaker hype.


The success and hype of the 'What The' series is testament to the cultural relevance of the shoe ranges that it has embodied. From Nike Skateboarding to Football, Basketball and Streetwear, the 'What The' franchise only takes on the most cutting edge ranges that are leading subcultures within both sport and lifestyle. So the release of the What The Metcon is so much more than another Metcon Colour-way. It is the acknowledgement of the cultural power of the Metcon and the strength of the community of Metcon-heads around the world. The birth and viral success of fan accounts such a @NikeMetconClub and @NikeMetconTribe have also been key in cultivating the Metcon culture and cementing the Metcon as one of the largest sneaker communities in the world. The What The Metcon release cements this community at the intersection of training and cutting edge sneaker culture, and looks to indulge its every Metcon delight.


The What The Metcon Sold Out in minutes on launch day. Stay tuned for more upcoming launches from Nike of this calibre by signing up to our emailing list and checking out our launches page.