In June of this year, we expressed our belief in the need for fundamental changes within the fitness community, and in communities around the globe, to eliminate racial injustices and disparities. Beyond our mid to long term commitments to increasing inclusivity and representation within WIT both internally and externally, we made the decision to remove any association with CrossFit HQ, cancelling the affiliation status of our training space and removing CrossFit licensed products from all facets of our business.


WIT started out with CrossFit, and with the ethos of fitness for all. We felt that CrossFit HQ’s silence during a period which called for reflection, leadership and dialogue, as well as their subsequent comments, did not live up to this ideal and no longer reflected the interests and ideals of the community it had built, and had the responsibility to lead. 


Since that time, the fitness world has witnessed the resignation of CrossFit’s former owner and CEO, the sale of the company in its entirety to Eric Roza, and a string of town hall forums calling on all stakeholders within the wider CrossFit community to discuss its future. Through these town hall conversations, and through our own dialogue with CrossFit HQ’s new leadership, we have emerged with a renewed sense of confidence in the organisation’s capacity to lead and foster a more inclusive space than ever before. 


We are proud to have taken a stand that helped catalyse essential conversation and change within the CrossFit space. We genuinely believe that the changes we, and countless other brands, affiliates, athletes and community members sought after, are happening. Given this change, and our renewed confidence in the organisation, we are pleased to announce the re-affiliation of our training space (WIT CrossFit) and the reincorporation of CrossFit licensed and branded product into our e-commerce offering. 


WIT serves the wider fitness community, regardless of methodology, in our mission to change as many lives as possible through training. We are proud of the new guard at CrossFit HQ for listening to the needs of their CrossFit community, and for recommitting to the ethos of fitness for all. This is an ethos we absolutely share, and Team WIT look forward to the future of CrossFit.