Get ready to unlock your athletic potential with the WIT X AIRWAAV and open your airway by up to 25% more.

Prevalent in Endurance sports and recently entering the CrossFit scene, this performance mouthpiece is championed by 4 times Fittest Man on Earth, Rich Froning, acting as his secret weapon for elite performance.

With a HIIT and Endurance model to choose from, the AIRWAAV is designed to create the optimal airway opening helping you to access your full strength potential, allowing you to train harder, endure for longer and recover faster.

Now let’s take a closer look at this innovative piece of technology.

So, how does it work?

There are a few ways the AIRWAAV helps you to achieve your personal best.

First is the fit.

When wearing the AIRWAAV your tongue is directed down and forwards, aiding the optimal airway meaning you can consume more air. This brings your respiratory rate down and means you produce less lactic acid.

When you bite down you also activate a neuromuscular response, improving the communication between your brain and muscles and in turn allowing you to access more strength. This can help improve any heavy compound lift such as squats and deadlifts.

This biting down also activates more blood flow which reduces cortisol. - Less stress, means better recovery.

So why does more oxygen matter?

Well, without stating the obvious, this increased oxygen intake means more efficient breathing causing a decrease in perceived exertion and more control over your heart rate, in turn helping you recover faster mid-workout.

But don’t just take our word for it, backed by 15 plus years of peer-reviewed, published research the AIRWAAV is scientifically proven to help you achieve that 1% more.

The AIRWAAV is available in two performance-driven designs, the main distinction between the Endurance and HIIT model is the fit.


If you are mainly in a single modality sport or mainly do short sessions then the HIIT mouthpiece will be your perfect fit.

If, however, you are in a mixed modality sport with a variety of movements then the Endurance mouthpiece, with its tighter fit, will be more secure for your session. This mouthpiece is also preferred if you are a heavy-clencher. 

So to summarise, if you want to,

Reduce your respiratory rate by up to 20%

Reduce cortisol build up by up to 50%

Increase strength and endurance when you train. 

Then this performance mouthpiece is a must-have for your workouts.

Available now at WIT!

Get ready to break your best


Ready to test your aerobic capacity?

Join our 21 day challenge to see how the AIRWAAV can boost your training and keep you going for longer. Simply complete the below workout without the mouthpiece, train with it in for 21 days and retest the workout feeling the added gains.


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