Introducing the Food Medic WIT HIT Shake

When it comes to fuelling her body for the session ahead, Dr. Hazel Wallace (aka @thefoodmedic) knows a thing or two about putting together the right ingredients to get the most out of her workout. 
In an all new WIT St. Paul's Exclusive, we've collaborated with Hazel bring the Food Medic WIT HIT Shake to the WIT Nutrition Bar. Filled with autumnal flavours, the Food Medic WIT HIT Shake will give you the perfect pre workout hit of energy. 
Available for a limited time only, pop into WIT St. Paul's to get your pre workout fix. 

Dr. Hazel wallace is a NHS Doctor with an MSc in nurtition, the author of the food medic books, voice of the food medic podcast and more. hazel is #TEAMWIT