How to Do a Box Jump

In this WIT Coaching 101 tutorial, Coach Gus takes you through how to do a Box Jump. Box Jumps are a common movement in Crossfit WODs and competitions. Using only a box or surface to jump up onto, Coach Gus takes you through how to best do a Box Jump.

Coach Gus' Performance Tips: 

  1. Always look at the box
  2. When preparing to jump, hinge at the hips, sending them backwards
  3. Explosively bring your hips forward while swinging your arms upwards to complete the jump 
  4. Land with your feet shoulder width apart and your legs as fully extended as possible

Mistakes to look out for:

  1. Landing on the box in the bottom of a squat
  2. Standing too far away from the box before jumping
  3. Throwing your arms down on the way up
  4. Landing on the edge of the box

Coach Gus has answered a few common questions below.

1. What are box jumps good for?

In a nutshell: everything from building explosive power to cardio fitness. 

2. What is a normal box jump?

A "normal" box jump is simply jumping from the floor and onto a box (be sure to get Coach Gus' top tips in the video!)

3. Are box jumps a good workout?

Yes! Box jumps are great for building strength and power in your legs, and also building cardio fitness and endurance. 

4. Do box jumps build muscle?

Yes! Box jumps will build muscles in your legs, namely glutes, hamstrings and quads.