Nike Metcon 6 Review: Everything You Need to Know

The all New Nike Metcon 6 has just launched Worldwide at WIT Fitness. The Metcon 6 is the sixth generation of Nike's classic Metcon shoe, a shoe designed specifically for functional fitness training, engineered to perform weightlifting, gymnastic and aerobic conditioning movements. The Metcon is not only designed to withstand the most varied functional movements, but to help you perform at your best when carrying them out. In this article Team WIT breaks down everything that you need to know about the 6th generation of the Metcon range, highlight some key design changes between the 6 and the 5 before it, and work out whether the shoe is right for you and your training.

Read on for our Nike Metcon 6 Review

"The Metcon 6 may look pretty similar to the metcon 5 but there is a lot more to this new generation than initially meets the eye."


In the Metcon 6 we see a lot of key features that carry over from the Metcon 5 that are designed specifically to help you push your limits.

The heel counter, for instance, we see carryover exactly from the Metcon 5 designed to help you move smoothly up and down against the wall while carrying out handstand push ups. The high-raised wrap-around outsole also carries over exactly the same from the Metcon 5 with ropetech technology designed to help you withstand friction when rope climbing.

The 6 also has a dual density midsole, comprised of softer foam for comfort in the front part of the foot and firmer foam in the heel to aid stability when lifting. Like in the 5, the 6s also come with hyperlift inserts that can be placed underneath the midsole to raise the heel when certain workouts call for it, a great innovation that further cements the versatility of the Metcon range.

So there are some clear performance similarities between the 5 and the 6. But this was realistically what we were expecting to see. If we look back at Metcon iterations in the past, generally speaking, odd number developments have focused on design overhauls around the base of the shoe, whilst even number developments have focused on the upper of the shoe. So of course, the six is all about that upper.


The biggest innovation in the Metcon 6 is centred around breathability.

There's an old myth that you regulate your body temperature through your head when in fact studies have found that in performance it is regulated through your hands and your feet. So Nike have looked to roll out a range of developments across their training shoes to increase the breathability of their footwear, a development that we've already seen in the most recent Romaleos 4.

In the Metcon 6, we see this increased breathability in the new mesh upper, which runs throughout the front of the upper of the shoe. This mesh allows for 18% more airflow throughout the shoe when training. So what this means for you is that when your heart is racing mid-workout, your feet will be keeping cooler than ever before, allowing you to go for longer and push yourself harder. The new mesh also makes the 6 a much lighter weight shoe than its predecessor, so not only does it feel cooler, it also feels lighter on foot.

The upper mesh has also been designed to withstands wear in common areas of friction, through a sticky rubber which covers the toe box upper and lace eyelets. So whilst the 6 is more breathable, it is also designed to last. 




We spoke with Nike Metcon Club to get his thoughts on the all new cooler Metcon 6...

“I wasn’t sure you could feel breathability in a shoe so when they announced the main improvement from the 5 was 18% increased airflow, I was sceptical. That new upper and the reduced weight has given the shoe a new feel, making the shoe feel more nimble and roomier that its predecessor.”

Get your pair of Nike Metcon 6 at WIT now, available in a number of styles and colour ways. 


Some frequently asked questions!

Can you walk in the Nike Metcon 6?

You can walk in the Nike Metcon 6. The shoe has a flexible and breathable upper and is great for a quick walk.

Can you run in Metcon 6?

You can run in the Metcon 6! They do perform best in short distance runs due to the minimal cushioning which then transfers over well to lifting and plyometric movements such as burpees or box jumps.

What are Metcon 6 Hyperlift for?

The Metcon 6 hyperlifts are heel inserts that add a 6mm drop for women and an 8mm drop for men. This incremental drop can really provide mobility gains in the ankle and mimics the impacts of the raised heel in a weightlifting shoe.

Are Nike metcon good for CrossFit?

The Nike Metcon is designed for all round fitness whether you love lifting in the gym, jumping into a HIIT class or are a CrossFit regular. The Metcon 6 is built for functional fitness and offers uncompromised stability alongside durability.