Nike Savaleos Review: Everything You Need to Know


Introducing the Nike Savaleos, the brand new hybrid-lifting shoe in the Nike Training range. Ahead of the launch at WIT on April 1st, find out everything you need to know about the all new style, and sign up to get first access to the first limited drop.

The Savaleos in many ways are reminiscent of the world renowned Nike Romaleo series, early iterations still being used by elite level weightlifters across the globe. Think of the Savaleos as the younger, lighter, multi-talented sibling, and a shoe you should consider including in your daily workout regime.

Whereas previously weightlifting shoes were exclusive to weightlifting, the Savaleos bridge the gap between workouts & weightlifting, allow you to pop off the wall in a HSPU and dive straight into your thrusters without feeling like you’re wearing the wrong shoes.

With all that said, let's take a look at exactly what makes the ‘entry level’ lifter so versatile, and the must have lifter of the season...


the Saveleos bridge the gap between WODs & weightlifting


When it comes to heel lifts, size does matter. The Savaleos have a reduced heel height to the Romaleos, meaning the transition from the barbell to gymnastic/endurance movements won’t feel so unnatural.

The addition of a lower heel drop also stops you relying on the higher heel of a lifter such as a taller Romaleo, meaning when lifting there will be a slight increase in demand on your mobility; which in turn results in more mobility gains whilst training.

The Savaleo is also perfect for those of us already with the requisite mobility to hit that bottom position in a squat, but looking for a lower heel drop to keep them grounded in their weightlifting sessions.

Maybe the biggest stand out feature to the Savaleo, is the addition of a hand stand push up clip, a feature adopted from the Nike Metcon range we are all so familiar with already. This extra inch of material has been designed to help you guide up and down the wall without the need to quickly swap shoes.



Taking elements from both the Romaleos and the Metcon range, the Savaleos present a functional mish-mash of the two. The rigid, wide sole features, although perfect for weightlifting, also features increased grip around the outer edges of the toe box, helping you twist and turn in more dynamic, lateral movements such as box jumps between your lifting sets.


The lightweight and perforated upper, a near mirror image of the Romaleos range, showcases the removal of one strap, removing any unnecessary weight to keep the shoe as light and fast as possible.


The Savaleos are perfect for more dynamic, lateral movements such as box jumps between your heavy lifting sets.


The Savaleos are the beginning of a new type of shoe in the Nike Training range. They very attractively bridge the gap between Functional Fitness and Olympic Weightlifting, in a sleek and minimal design.

This shoe is the perfect entry level option, ideal for those new to lifting, but not quite ready to commit to the higher price point of its predecessor. 

The Savaleos are also for anyone that may not be new to training, but their mobility demands they have an elevated heel in workouts/Metcons that include weight-lifting.

Or if you’re a footwear fanatic, these are definitely the start of a very new range of footwear, and a style of shoe we will be seeing a lot more of in the coming years.



Some frequently asked questions below! 

1. Are Nike Savaleos good for weightlifting?

Yes! The Nike Savaleos is a near-perfect footwear choice for weightlifting.

2. What is the difference between Romaleos and Savaleos?

The two are similar in performance, although the Savaleos lends itself more to activities other than weightlifting. With a wider sole and tighter toe box, the Savaleos will offer more support in plyometric exercises. 

3. Are Savaleos good for powerlifting?

Yes! The Nike Savaleos are perfect for powerlifting, especially the squat and deadlift, due to the wide sole, heel height and overall level of stability.

4. What is the heel height of the Nike Savaleos?

The Nike Savaleos have a 15mm lift in the heel.