Snatch Stable Components with Jenny Tong


10 Minutes

Coaches Tip

Good morning/afternoon WIT TRAIN Jenny Tong here! Today I'll be running you through the Stable Components of the Snatch. A hugely technical movement, and so we must nail the full list of components before we start lifting heavy!

Work on this with an empty barbell or a PVC pipe and only begin to add weight when you are comfortable and confident in each of the 6 positions. Hope this helps!

The 6 positions


Position 1: 'Start Position '

Position 2: 'End of the First Pull'

Position 3 : 'Mid Thigh Position'

Postion 4 : 'Maximal Extension'

Position 5 : 'Receiving Position'

Position 6 : 'Finish Position

Jenny Tong

Meet Jenny Tong

British Weightlifting athlete and coach Jenny is two-time British Record holder in the 53kg weight category and has represented GBR twice, only just missing out on a gold medal in her first international competition.

Having experienced some tough personal battles in her teenage years, she turned her life around at University when she found weightlifting and in doing so, became passionate about inspiring young athletes to learn from her hardships and find confidence and strength through sport.

Jenny now coaches and is completing a Master’s degree, alongside training as a full-time athlete

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