How to Dumbbell Clean

In this WIT Coaching 101 tutorial, Coach Gus takes you through how to do a Dumbbell Clean. This movement can be done with either one or two dumbbells but, either way, it's guaranteed to make any Crossfit WOD that much more intense.

Mistakes to look out for: 

  1. Having your feet too close together, forcing you to touch the dumbbells down in front and further away from you
  2. Pulling with your arms straight from the floor
  3. Curling the dumbbells to you shoulders

Coach Gus' Top Performance Tips: 

  1. Feet slightly wider than shoulder width with dumbbells starting directly beneath you and between your feet
  2. When the dumbbells are touching the floor, your hips should be hinged backwards, above your knees but below your shoulders, keeping a neutral spine 
  3. When bringing the dumbbell to your shoulders, remember the following: deadlift, shrug and then pull with your arms 
  4. Finish with one dumbbell head on each shoulder, your chest proud and your elbows high

Coach Gus answers some commonly asked questions below!

1. What do dumbbell cleans work?

Dumbbell Cleans are predominantly a lower body exercise although they are taxing on the upper body, too. In this way, they're a great full body movement to build muscle and endurance, depending on the weight. 

2. Can you do a clean with a dumbbell?

Yes! Simply watch Coach Gus' "how to" video and read his top tips. 

3. Are dumbbell power cleans good?

Yes! dumbbell power cleans are excellent for building muscle and endurance, depending on the dumbbell's weight. 

4. How do you clean a single dumbbell?

The mechanics behind a single dumbbell clean are the same as a double dumbbell clean. Top tip when using one dumbbell: start with it between your legs as opposed to at your side.