How to Dumbbell Hang Clean

In this WIT Coaching 101 tutorial, Coach Gus takes you through how to do the Dumbbell Hang Clean movement. Completed with one or two dumbbells, the Dumbbell Hang Clean is a common movement used to boost the intensity of any workout. 

Coach Gus' Top Performance Tips:

  1. Deadlift dumbbells off the floor to hip height before starting the clean

  2. Use an explosive hip hinge to give the dumbbells momentum

  3. Shrug your shoulders before pulling the dumbbells to shoulder level

Mistakes to look out for: 

  1. Rounded spine when picking dumbbells off the floor

  2. Avoid lowering the dumbbells below your knees and entering a squat

 Coach Gus answers some commonly asked questions below!

1. Can you do a hang clean with dumbbells?

Yes! A Dumbbell hang clean is a great exercise. Just watch this how-to video for our top tips.

2. What muscles do dumbbell hang cleans work?

Almost everything. The dumbbell hang clean is a great choice to work the entire body. Of all muscles worked, though, your lower back and legs will take the most strain. 

3. Is a hang clean good for workout?

Yes! Hang cleans are great for building muscle endurance and strength.

4. Is hang clean the best lift?

There is no such thing as the "best" lift, although hang cleans are a great exercise for building strength and endurance in a workout.