Warm Up With Coach Ash Grossman: Glute Getter Warmup


20 Minutes

Coaches Tip

Be strict on set up for the stretch to make sure you get the right spot.
On the balance, slow and controlled is the aim of the game - don’t use speed or momentum to get into or out of the range.  Watch out for the rotation compensation.
In the lunge steps, really drive the hips behind, that’s the goal, not big steps.

for time (20 minute cap)

30-60 seconds pulsed perpendicular pigeon stretch
5-15 single leg balance with forward reach at waist height
3 x 5-10 triplanar step and reach toward toes

Meet ASH


Coach Ash (@ashgrossmann.coach) is our resident lunge-lover.  He’s a RedPill coach, working with some of the best CrossFit athletes in the world, and heads up trainer education for the Gymbox chain of gyms.  He’s also recently kicked off a podcast with Coach Rob - Lunge and Lift @lunge.lift
After nearly 6 years as a management consultant, in 2015 Ash retrained as a coach and movement specialist, leaving financial services for fitness and has never looked back.  He combines several qualifications with his degree in biology and biomechanics from Oxford university, and still strives to further his knowledge and understanding of training for all types of athlete.
Besides coaching, and prescribing silly lunges (corrective exercises to fix injuries and improve performance) Ash is currently training for a single arm pullup and after 32 years of hating it, started to enjoy running.  He also runs Eat Think Move - a corporate wellbeing company bringing a team of wellbeing specialists into offices to deliver classes, workshops and seminars all designed to save sick days.  If you’re looking to discuss anything biomechanical or on the nerdy side of training, he’d love to hear from you!