GOWOD Mobility Flow with Julie Hougaard

GOWOD Mobility Flow with Julie Hougaard

25 Minutes

Coaches Tip

This GOWOD Mobility session is a full body flow. Spend the next 20 minutes going through a typical full body GOWOD session with Julie Hougaard. GOWOD gives you the option to focus on specific areas which need improving or places that are in pain.

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20 Minutes gowod mobility flow

This flow will focus on all areas of the body. 




GOWOD offers you to test your mobility and your personal flexibility and allows you to improve it thanks to effective mobilisation protocols adapted to your weak points and your functional fitness practice. GOWOD lets you know how to mobilise before or after your workouts, whether you are in the box or at home. Whether it's to improve your performance, speed up your recovery, improve your well-being or reduce your risk of injury, GOWOD adapts to each context to guide you easily in your practice of mobilisation and stretching. GOWOD is the perfect tool to accompany you in your practice of functional fitness.

Download GOWOD for free to test and improve your mobility in a completely personalized way! Unleash all your athletic potential, reduce your risk of injury and accelerate your recovery in your functional fitness practice.