12 Minute - EMOM finisher by Bianca #TeamWIT


12 Minutes

Coaches Tip

Hey guys,

Finish your session with this little spicy EMOM. Remember 12mins is not a long time so give this everything you have left in the tank! Get the reps done as fast you can for maximum rest time between exercises! I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to let me know how you get on @biancaerrigofitness !

12 Minute Workout

EMOM : Every Minute On The Minute

Min1: Assault Bike/Rower 10/15kcals (8/12 Burpees alt. if not bike/rower)

Min 2: Kettlebell SA Thrusters x12

Min 3: US Kettlebell Swings x20


Bianca Errigo

Meet Bianca Errigo

Personal trainer and development coach Bianca Errigo works with both private clients and corporate companies at a global level. With a BSc in Psychology and 5yrs experience working in the corporate world of IT, Bianca knows first hand what the effects of stress can do on our mind and bodies. After quitting the city job she took some time out, travelling the world and investing in her own understanding of her body and mind. When she returned to England Bianca decided to put together all she had learned and set up her own personal training and wellbeing coaching company. Bianca's approach is all about assisting others' in unlocking their own potential, harnessing their growth and optimising their lives. Bianca's workouts are aimed to get you moving well and leave you feeling great!