CrossFit Cardio WOD with NO EQUIPMENT

NO EQUIPment crossfit cardio wod

6 minutes

Coaches Tip

How quickly can you get onto the plank? This workout is an all out sprint! Be prepared for a full body burn. Don't leave anything in the tank, it is only 6 minutes long! Go all out! 


for time (6 minute cap)

 27 /21 /15 / 9


Air Squat 

Sit Up

Plank Hold For The Remaining Time


Meet Scott

Battle Cancer Founder

Having started out in powerlifting almost 9 years ago, Scott won titles across 3 countries and competed and won medals at international events in multiple weight classes. At this time he decided to use fitness as a way to bring people together to fundraise for cancer charities after being affected all his life by loss from cancer. 
With the birth of Battle Cancer Scott changed from elite powerlifting to try and transition to Crossfit and functional fitness competitions. After several years in Crossfit he has competed at Sanctional events in the elite level from Ireland, Norway all the way to Miami. 
As a regular contributor to publications including Mens Health and Eqsuire, Scott is not only the founder and director of Battle Cancer the international fitness fundraising movement but an advocate for using fitness as a tool to support mental health and wellness. He has spread on national podcasts, newspapers and online publications talking about this subject. 
He is proud to be part of Team WIT and cannot wait to share workouts, hints tips and much more.