TRIPLE 3 Divided with Joshua Al-Chamaa


40 Minutes

Coaches Tip

Hey guys Josh here! Bringing you a benchmark workout variation, Triple 3 with rest! This is not for time, move efficiently and with purpose throughout! If you haven't nailed your Double Unders yet, this is a great workout to test where you are at. If you are struggling, simple scale to Single Unders instead. Feel free to send it on that final 800m run! Enjoy.

4 Rounds (NOT FOR TIME)

1,000m Row/Ski or 2,000m Bike

80 Double unders (160 Singles if double not nailed yet!)

800m Run

*Rest 3-5 mins*


Meet Joshua

Elite Level Crossfit Athlete

After many event wins throughout elite competition Joshua Al-Chamaa put together a program that would expose the weaknesses we have on machines in order to then rebuild strength with savage yet enjoyable machine strength workouts. All workouts have been tried and tested by Joshua and have clearly been proven successful in competition. The program is for any one, beginner, intermediate or advanced. Training at home or in the gym. There are options in the programming for all, whether you are working with limited equipment or have a machine at home... Or a whole gym with multiple machines! Josh has created these workouts with all in mind. Head over to Instagram and find Josh at @joshuaalchamaa to see all the programs he has available if you like this workout.