15 minute EMOM + AMRAP with Talilla Henchoz

15 minute EMOM + AMRAP with Talilla Henchoz

15 Minutes

Coaches Tip

Hey guys, it's Talilla Henchoz! Give this spicy little number a go at home! You can do this as a finisher to a strength workout or a max effort workout of the day! 

We'll be starting with a 9 minute EMOM, which stands for 'Every Minute On the Minute', the goal here is to move for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds in each minute! The movements will change so make sure to follow along.

After the EMOM we'll move into a punchy 6 minute AMRAP, this stands for 'As Many Reps As Possible' and should burn! Pick a pace and try to maintain it for the full 6 minutes!

15 Minute Workout

Part A) 9 minute EMOM

0-3 : 12 Pushups into max effort Mountain Climbers 3-6 : 12 Sprawls into max effort Squat Jumps 6-9 : 12 Jump Lunges into max effort Bicycle Crunches

Part B) 6 minute AMRAP

10 reps : Sit-up with Two Punches

5 reps : Burpees

2 reps : Prisoner Squats

Talilla Henchoz

Meet Talilla Henchoz

A personal trainer, online coach and Founder of Club V, Talilla helps individuals all over the world to become the healthiest, happiest and strongest versions of themselves.

Specialising in HIIT + strength training, Talilla celebrates the incredible things that our bodies can do rather than how they look. Focusing on a holistic and functional fitness programme, she embodies many elements of sustainable health to maximise your performance. Starting in the industry over 6 years ago, Talilla brings bags of energy with every burpee

Daily Live workouts, Nutritional advice and mindset tips, all help to re-root and balance you back to optimal health so that you can THRIVE and PERFORM to your full potential. This isn’t just another fitness plan designed to ‘burn fat’ and ‘detox’. She will help you hit the RESET button and create sustainable changes.

If you need an extra kick of motivation, Talila’s workouts will leave you pumped with endorphins for the rest of your day!